Harvey Hoots Eslick

Born:July 21, 1907, Tennessee
Died:October 5, 1989, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:603 Eustis Avenue SE
Brother of:Robert Lee Eslick


•  Harvey H. Eslick is included on Record's list of "Madison Countians of Distinction" with the following notation: Commander, American Legion; Hospital Board, 1960-7; Rehabilitation Center Board; Governor Wallace Staff; Huntsville City Council, 1960-4; Retail Furniture Dealer, starting in 1940. On page 670. - Record

•  Record writes about the post war period, listing the businesses poised to deliver goods and services as we transitioned to a post-war economy. Harvey's "Eslick Furniture" is on that list. The list is on page Record, 262. Harvey and his wife Demetra owned and operated Eslick Furniture Store in Huntsville for many years. (From Madison County Record) - Record & Madison County Record

•  Record writes "Medical Services improved. Huntsville Hospital, acquired by the City during 1961, got its first public Board of Control, including as its members Glenn Halcomb, Harvey Eslick, William Davoren, Dr. Henry Anderson, Woodrow Dunn, T. A. Blackwell and Erie P. Douglass. Larry Rigsby was named Administrator. A nurses residence and five story wing was added." from page 724 - Record

•  Record writes "One of the big news stories of 1962, locally, concerned an incident between Mayor Searcy and Police Chief Spurlock. Searcy, said Spurlock called him a liar and attempted to suspend the Chief. By a 4-1 vote the council refused to uphold his recommendation. Eslick voted to uphold the Mayor, while Loftin, Lee, Cummings, and Whitt voted the other way." on page 731.
"The action in City government, however, was most notable in Huntsville where the Mayor and Police Chief feud continued. Mayor Searcy suspended Chief Spurlock for what he said was profane language at a teenage dance at the VFW. The Council went 3-2 against the Mayor on this. Lee joined Eslick in favoring the Mayor's stand. Finally on November 11, Mayor Searcy again suspended Spurlock on the grounds he had not followed orders. His suspension was upheld by Councilmen Lee, Loftin, and Eslick. Whitt and Cummings voted against the suspension. Searcy then appointed Jess Seaton as Acting Chief. In December, he appointed Floyd Dyer as chief." - Record

•  Son of William O Eslick (1877 - 1932) and Beulah Hoots Eslick (1883 - 1940) - Find a Grave

•  Married Demetra Jeanette Dickey (1913-2011), Sept 21, 1933, in Madison County, AL. She was an active member of the Huntsville Garden Club, Central Presbyterian Church and Jackson Way Baptist Church. - Find a Grave

•  Harvey was a City Council member in 1961. Airport Authority created by State Legislature - first in Alabama - Port of Huntsville

•  He and Nichols Hobbs were the only two students from Farley School (11th grade) to be on the honor role during this grading period. - Huntsville Daily Times

•  Enlisted USA World War II Army, Dec. 24, 1942, Fort McClellan - Enlistment

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