Harriet Stokes Figures

 Prominent Woman

Born:December 7 , 1826, Shelbyville, Tennessee?
Died:June 13, 1900, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Mother of:Henry Stokes Figures
Wife of:William Bibb Figures


•  The Figures' house was next door to the Chadick home. So that is probably one of the reasons Mr. and Mrs. Figures factor so prominently in Mrs. Chadick's journal. - Chadick & Rohr

•  "Had some fun today by playing April jokes. Sent Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Figures official document, ordering them out of their houses for McPherson's staff officers. For a time, Mrs. Steele gave herself up to despair, and Mrs. Figures, in her indignation, went to apply to the quartermaster."

A copy of the bogus telegram to Mrs. Figures was shared at the United Daughters of the Confederacy meeting in November 1907 and printed in The Huntsville Democrat on the 13th of November.

Post Quartermaster's Office
Huntsville, April 1st, 1864
Mrs. Figures:
Three rooms in your house are hereby assigned to Major Dupree and family of General McPhearson's staff for quarters. The difficulty of procuring houses, and your undisguised disloyalty to the U.S. government, and your acknowledged aversion to Federal officers and obnoxious language to us reported, lead to these extreme measures.
Capt. Allen
In Charge of Building
- Chadick & Rohr

•  Married Filliam B. Figures on February 1, 1843 (dates given here are for the marriage license, not necessarily for the wedding.) - MCRC

•  A slice of life from Mrs. Chaddick's diary: "July 23. Made my first visit to Monte Sano this morning, in company with Mrs. Bradford and Mrs. Figures, with Willie Gale and Joe Bradford for an escort. Rode old Henry in true equestrian style. Mrs. Figures rode a mule. Passed the pickets just beyond the tollgate. They viewed us with a great deal of curiosity, but declined looking at our passes.
     Bushwhacked about on the top of the mountain and spent a couple of hours with Mrs. Toney, who is rusticating up there, and returned home about dinner time. As we passed the house of Dr. Wilkinson, the Federal band was there serenading." - Chaddick

•  Mother of:
Henry Stokes Figures 1842 - 1864
Harriet "Hattie" E Figures 1844 -
     (married Robert L. Hallenguist on May 6, 1869, Madison County, AL)
William H Figures Dec. 7, 1847 - Oct. 1, 1872
Otey Figures Feb. 23, 1851 - March 27, 1921
     (married Helen (Minnie) Steele
Claude Figures 1854 - Nov. 23, 1917
     ( (married Dill Carrie L. on July 3, 1882, Madison County, AL)
Mattie E Figures April 29, 1856 - March 12, 1937
     (Married James A. Allison, November 18, 1886, Madison County, AL)
Nellie Figures 1859 -
     (married John S. Shelton, May 8, 1882, Madison County, AL)
Frank Figures 1861 - Dec. 27, 1882
Daisy Figures 1867 -
     (married A. E Echols on February 15, 1886, Madison County, AL)
Norman G Figures 1869 -
     (marriage to Addie in 1900, Census shows him in New Orleans after 1900)
Flora Figures May 5, 1849 - June 30, 1853.
Powell Figures Nov. 20, 1852 - Jan. 16, 1855. - Ancestry.com

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