Governor William Wyatt Bibb


Born:October 2, 1781, Amelia County, VA
Died:July 10, 1820, Autauga County
Brother of:Thomas Bibb - Thomas Bibb was the second Governor of Alabama


•  "William Wyatt Bibb was educated at the University of Pennsylvania, graduated as a physician in 1801, and located at Petersburg, Ga., for the practice of his profession. He served in both the house and senate of the Georgia State legislature and was elected as a Democrat to the Ninth United States congress to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Thomas Spalding. He was re-elected to the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth congresses, serving from January 26, 1805, to November 6, 1813, when he resigned. He was elected to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of William H. Crawford and served from November 6, 1813, to November 9, 1816, when he resigned because of his failure to receive the election for the next term of the senate. President Monroe appointed him governor of the newly formed Territory of Alabama and in April, 1817, he entered upon his duties at St. Stephens. When the territory was admitted into the union as a State he was elected the first governor. He was inaugurated governor in Huntsville, November 9, 1819, but died a few months later." - Alabama Biography

•  He died July 10, 1820, in Autauga County, from the effects of a fall from his horse, which became frightened in a violent thunder storm. - Alabama Biography

•  Only Governor of the Territory of Alabama and it's first state governor. - Alabama Biography

•  Came from the same Broad River Group that settled in early Huntsville. - Alabama Biography

•  Was politically active and successful in Georgia politics. - Alabama Biography

•  Was a brother to Thomas Bibb and joined him in Alabama after some political reversals in Georgia. Thomas settled in Huntsville. - Alabama Biography

•  He did not settle in Huntsville, but his influence was strong in region.

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