Felicia Ann Chilton Pickett Chapman

 Wife of Reuben Chapman

Born:Feb. 19, 1819, Fauguier Co., VA
Died:Oct. 28, 1870, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL


•  Felicia's husband, Reuben Chapman, was born in Carolina Co., VA and "received an academic education in Virginia, removed to Alabama, and settled in Somerville, Morgan Co., and practiced law. He served for a number of years as a State Legislator, and sixteen years as a member of U.S. Congress, and as the thirteenth Governor of Alabama, 1847 to 1849; was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention, at Cincinnati, OH, 1856; Charles, SC, 1860; and New York City, 1868; was a staunch Southerner, and was sent to Paris, France, on a Diplomatic mission for the CSA." - Colonial Families

•  Married Reuben Chapman (1802-1882) October 17, 1838, at her father's country house in Limestone County - Alabama Biography

•  Daughter of Col. Steptoe Pickett (born Jun 22, 1790, Fauquier Co., VA) and Sarah Orrick (Chilton) Pickett (born Oct. 2, 1793, Westmoreland Co., VA) , who were natives of Fauquier County, Va., and later lived on a plantation in Limestone County, AL. - Alabama Biography

•  Felicia Chapman was a second cousin of Gen. George Pickett, of Gettysburg fame, and a granddaughter of Col. Martin Pickett, an officer in the Revolutionary war. - Alabama Biography

•  Only six of Felicia's children lived to adulthood:
1. Steptoe Pickett (born Oct. 19, 1840, died May 21, 1864) was killed in battle at the age of twenty-three years while serving in the C. S. Army, he died unmarried.
2. Juliet (born 1845), married Col. Turner Clanton, CSA, of Montgomery County, AL, (April 12, 1838-March 4, 1887) survived her husband some years, and died January 5, 1910. They had a child named Mary who married John Van Valkenburgh Matthews in 1909.
3. Felicia Corbin (born 1847), married Boiling Hubbard of Buckingham County, Va., and died January 14, 1876 in New York City. They had a child named Felitia Pickett Hubbard.
4. Ellelee( born about 1852) , married Capt. Milton Humes (died Dec. 28, 1908), of Abingdon, Va., and later of Huntsville, AL (Capt. Humes served with distinction in the CSA, was a prominent citizen, and was distinguished as a lawyer.) No issue. They raised Felitia Pickett Hubbard.
5. Alberta Pickett (born 1850), married Hon. John G. Taylor of Huntsville and later of Denver, Colo., survived her husband and died May 16, 1912. They had two children named Reuben Chapman Taylor and Alberta (Taylor) 1.) Don Vandusen 2.) Boswell
6. Reuben (born 1859, death April 24, 1891), married Rosalie (Rosa) Floyd Sheffey of Huntsville. They had three children Ellelee (Chapman) Petus, Elizabeth Humes Chapman, Reuben Chapman
Children dying young:
Sarah Chilton (born 1839) died in childhood in 1839
Margaret Sophia (born Oct 1842) died in childhood (Dec. 15, 1843 - 14 months old.)
Alexander Corbin Chapman died young.
William died in infancy
Robert died in infancy
Roturtia (born about 1850) died in infancy
- Compilation from several sources

•  In several places (including Alabama Archives) it says Felicia married 39 year old Reuben when she was only 16. And "History Sites" even says:
"Felicia Steptoe Picket Chapman, who was sixteen when she married newly-elected Governor Reuben Chapman in 1847, was evidently living in Tuscaloosa during the War (at least in 1865) while Chapman was Confederate representative to France. On April 4, 1865, she disuaded Federal arsonists of Croxton's brigade from burning the Observatory at the Alabma State University in Tuscaloosa (now UAT)."
However, the birthdates on her grave stone and the birthdates of her children (predating his governorship) raise some doubt about her age at marriage and some of her children were born in DC when Reuben was a Congressman (before he was governor). So, some of this information is questionable.

•  Reuben and Felicia moved to Huntsville in 1850.

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