Elizabeth Melvina Turner Fackler

 Prominent Woman

Nickname:Mrs. J. J. Fackler
Born:1804, Caroline City, Virginia
Died:December 1871, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Residence:518 Adams Street SE
Sister of:Daniel Turner
Mother of:Elvira Fackler Nichol
Wife of:John Jacob Fackler - Married January 17, 1826, in Huntsville, AL
Mother of:Mary Gypie Fackler Terry
Mother of:Sarah "Sallie" Moran Fackler Pynchon


•  Mrs. J. J. Fackler was President of an organization of women who collected the Bells for the Episcopal Methodist, Presbyterian and Cumberland Presbyterian Churches to be dismantled and shipped to Holly Springs, Mississippi to be cast into a cannon in service to the Confederate Cause. - Record

•  Note in Mrs. Chadick's diary said on Oct. 28, "A surgeon waited upon (Mrs. Fackler) this morning to inform her that her house would probably be taken for the wounded." - Mrs. Chadick's diary

•  Married John J. Fackler on January 17, 1826 - Fackler Home

•  "Fackler, his wife and family were extremely hospitable. Their home was the setting for lavish balls, masquerades and other entertainment, complete with string orchestra and perfumed with flowers from the Fackler's terraced gardens. Traces of the garden, reputedly laid out by an English gardener, survived into the 1960's." - Fackler Home

•  "Among Presbyterians Mrs. Fackler and her daughters, Sallie and Elvira, were favorites. I have often wondered how life fared with them. We were much together in books, in the home, and in social life. Once a week Mrs. Fackler had her pastor, Rev. Frederick Ross, to dine with her, and to this dinner the Methodist preacher and his wife had a standing invitation. - Mooney

•  During the Civil War, the buildings were occupied by Union troops and the citizens were forced to find alternative meeting places. Colonel Steenburn tells of such a time when a prayer group was meeting in the furnace room of First Presbyterian Church: "In the midst of his solemn service of praise and meditation the loud braying of the mule sounded forth, breaking the stillness and quiet of the room. Mrs. Elizabeth Fackler, who was offering prayer at the moment was hard of hearing, but seemed to sense something was unusual. She opened her eyes and looked around, and then continued her petitions. The other startled members of the group became convulsed with laughter and found it difficult to be reverent under the circumstances." - Steenburn

•  The Facklers "enlarged, remodeled, and redecorated, making the home into a nineteen-room mansion. Many antebellum parties, such as masquerades and cotillions, were held in this spacious home." - Glimpses

•  Presbyterian - Mooney

•  Mother of:
     John Turner Fackler, b., of Huntsville, Alabama, d. 1910, married Jane Clemens Reed in Huntsville, AL
     Calvin Morgan Fackler, d. 1864, Rome, Georgia, married Anna Kirk
     Sally Morgan Fackler, d. 1924, married Louis Pynchon
     Elvira Fackler, married William Nichol
     Mary Franklin Fackler, d. 1910, married David Terry
     Charles William Fackler. - Family Tree Maker

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