Dr. Wade Hampton Esslinger

Photo from "Medicine Bags and Bumpy Roads", by Jewell Shelton Goldsmith and Helen Davis Fulton.
 Medical Doctor

Born:Feb. 27, 1877, Madison County, AL
Died:Oct. 7, 1918, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Buried:Esslinger Cemetery, In Berkley, Madison County, AL
Son of:Andrew Jackson Esslinger (b1844) - A. J. is the son of William Wright Esslinger
Brother of:Judge William Francis Esslinger (b1868)
Grandson of:William Wright Esslinger


•  Married Ethel Mae Green on March 12, 1903. She was a school teacher, from St. Paul, Minnesota. She was teaching in Ryland, Alabama when they met. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Education:
     Early years In Berkley, Madison County, AL
     Studied medicine in Mobile.
     Studied medicine at Vanderbilt University in Nashville
     Doctor of Medicine degree in 1910 from Sewanee University of the South, Sewanee, TN - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Father of Orville H. Esslinger, Phoebe Mae Russell, and Edith Margaret Letcher. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  "Dr. and Mrs. Esslinger lived in New Market. He practiced medicine there as well as at Meridianville, Woodville, and Larkinsville. Mrs. Esslinger was his favorite assistant. When he had a chance, he loved catching a 'mess' of fish. A general practitioner, Dr. Esslinger enjoyed delivering babies most of all." - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  He volunteered for U.S. Army service during World War I and served until he was discharged due to problems with pneumonia. "He had not fully regained his strength from his attack of pneumonia, when he went to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to treat his flu-stricken brother. While there, he contracted flu himself and died two weeks prior to his brother's death." - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Woodmen of the World

•  Last name sometimes spelled Eslinger (with only one "s") - Editor's Note

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