Dr. John Young Bassett

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 Internationally Known Pioneer in Public Health

Born:June 12, 1805, Baltimore, MD
Died:November 2, 1851, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL
Residence:600 Franklin Street SE - Dr. John Young Bassett bought the house (600 Franklin Street) in the 1830s.


•  "Dr. John Young Bassett was an English physician to the King. Sir William Osler, wrote 'An American Student' about Bassett, praising him as a pioneer in preventive medicine." - Twickenham House Notes

•  "Dr. Bassett was a descendant of Richard Bassett, a signer of the U.S. Constitution. This home has never been out of the family." - Twickenham House Notes

•  Children: 1. Dr. Henry Willis, m. Carrie Neal, died in 1882; 2. Watkins Thompson, killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862* 3. Alice Lee, m. D. B. Young, died in 1876; 4. Laura; 5. Lenore; 6. Bettina, died in 1844; 7. John Young, died in War of Secession; 8. William Davidson, died in 1897. - Alabama Biography

•  Physician in America and France - Alabama Biography

•  Son of Dr. Isaac and Nancy (Davidson) Bassett, the former born March 8, 1763, in the State of Delaware, was a physician, served as ensign in company from Delaware, in American Revolution; ancestor, Richard Bassett, was member of constitutional convention, 1787, Federal senator from Delaware, 1789-93, governor of Delaware 1798-1801, died in 1815; mother was first cousin to Robert Fulton; her parents lived in Baltimore. - Alabama Biography

•  John Y. Bassett was a graduate of Washington medical college. - Alabama Biography

•  Settled in Huntsville - Alabama Biography

•  "In 1836 he went to Paris, was attached to Clinic of Velpeau at La Charite, appointed externe, July, 1836." - Alabama Biography

•  Mason - Alabama Biography

•  Author: contributed to Fennel's Southern Medical Reports, vols. 1 and 2, 1849-51, articles on "Topography, Climate and Diseases of Madison County, Ala." and in "Condemnation of Doubtful Remedies." - Alabama Biography

•  Married: April 21, 1831, at Huntsville, to Isaphoena (Margarett) Thompson (born Jan. 5, 1800, Baltimore, MD, died Feburary 13, 1851, Huntsville, AL). She was the daughter of Dr. Asa and Polly (Watkins) Thompson, who lived in Elbert County, Ga., and Huntsville, the former died in 1832, granddaughter of James and Jane (Thompson) Watkins of Elbert County, Ga. - Alabama Biography

•  Last residence: Huntsville. - Alabama Biography

•  "In 1851, Clay (Clement Claiborne) went to Florida in company with Dr. John Young Bassett, both from Huntsville, Alabama. They went seeking to regain their health, for they both were suffering from some bronchial condition. The trip seems to have been of little aid to Dr. Young, however, for he died soon after returning home." - Norwood

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