David Porter Bibb (b1814)

Connection:Early Settler in Madison County
Born:Dec. 31, 1814, Elbert, Georgia
Died:1865, Limesone County, AL
Son of:Thomas Bibb - Thomas Bibb was the second Governor of Alabama


•  Married Mary Chambers Betts on July 7, 1835 in Madison County, Alabama

•  Father of: 1. Henry Chambers Bibb (1837 -1878), married (1863) Ella and had two children Fannie died young and Ella who married Moro Farris, of Columbia, TN (they had two children)
2. Porter Bibb (born 1839), married Amelia Bradley of Demopolis, AL in 1863. Their children include: 1. Thomas; 2. Porter; 3. Bradley Bibb, married Miss Sanders, niece of Mrs. Col. Alva Ashford, of Courtland, Ala.; 4. Mary Bibb, twin with Bradley, unmarried; 5. Gussie Bibb, and others.
3. Lockhart Bibb (born 1841), married Kate Bradley of Demopolis AL in 1865). Their children include: 1. Porter (born 1868), married; 2, Eliza (born 1871), unmarried; others.
4. Thomas died young.
5. Mary Chambers Bibb (1842 - 1874), married Win. Eggleston. Children are: Elizaand and Pattie, both unmarried.
6. Eliza Bibb (born 1844), married William Greet in 1774. They had two sons and two daughters.
7. Robert Bibb (1846 - 1883), married Virginia Townes and they had a son and three daughters. - Early Settlers of Alabama

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