Daniel Schiffman

 Business man

Born:Jan. 1, 1842, Hoppstudten, Germany (u has two dots over it.)
Died:May 16, 1892, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery
Uncle of:Isaac Schiffman
Brother of:Solomon Schiffman


•  Son of Lob Schiffman and Dendel Simon Schiffman - Ancestry.com

•  "Solomon and Daniel Schiffman came to the United States in 1857, Solomon to Cincinnati and Daniel to Paris, Kentucky. They moved to Huntsville before the Civil War and opened a dry goods and clothing business on the courthouse square. Isaac Schiffman, bom in 1856 in Germany, came to Huntsville in 1875 to join his uncles, Solomon and Daniel. He married Bettie Herstein; their children were Robert, Irma, and Annie. In 1908 son Robert, by then grown, and son-in-law Lawrence Goldsmith joined the business, which had expanded into cotton and land leasing. Isaac died in 1910. That year, the business incorporated as I. Schiffman & Company. It still operates today at its courthouse square location." - Nilsson

•  "The next earliest Jewish Settlers (after Morris & Henrietta Bernstein and Robert and Rosa Herstein) in Huntsville were the Schiffman brothers, Solomon and Daniel, from Hoppstaeden, Germany. The brothers came to this country in 1857 when Solomon was about twenty-two years of age and Daniel sixteen. Solomon Schiffman lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for several years and Daniel in Paris, Kentucky. Both moved to Huntsville before the Civil War and went into the dry goods and clothing business on the north side of the square. They formed a partnership in 1860, S. Schiffman and Co., which continued under that name for forty-five years.
      Daniel served in the Confederate Military forces during the Civil War. Shortly after the war he married his first wife, Rosa Wise of Cincinnati, Ohio, and they had four children. After Rosa's death, Daniel married Flora Kahn of Evansville, Indiana and they had three children. He was member of the City Council of Huntsville from 1881-1882, and was a charter member of both Congregation B'nai Sholom and B'nai B'rith. Daniel died in 1892." - 5 Generations

•  Husband of Flora Schiffman (July 3, 1853, Bowling Green, Kentucky - Dec. 7, 1922, Madison County, Alabama). Father of Mayme Schiffman Danheiser (Jan. 8, 1873, Huntsville, Alabama - March 4, 1943, Huntsville, Alabama) - Find A Grave

•  Shares a tomb stone with Flora Schiffman (presumed married) Born in Bowling Green, Ky. July 3, 1853 - died Dec. 7, 1922. - Maple Hill

•  Served on the Huntsville Governing Body 1881-1882 (In 1828 a new town charter was established, creating a Mayor-Alderman form, with eight Aldermen. An act of 1834 called for election of two Aldermen from each of four wards established. In 1911 the Mayor-Alderman form was superceded by a City Commission form, composed of three persons elected for three years staggered terms.") - Record

•  April 5, 1881: "Mayor Thomas W. White and eight aldermen were elected in the municipal election: James M. Hutchens, R. E. Murphy, J. S. Erwin, James Conway, James E. Seat, Thomas W. Townsend, Nelson Hendley and Daniel Schiffman." - Eden

•  Founders of Congregation B'nai Sholom -1876 - B'nai Sholom

•  Charter Member of B'NAI B'RITH Chaper , Esora Lodge No. 236, Huntsville, Alabama. - Catalogue

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