Dandridge Fariss


Born:May 15, 1800, Nottaway County, Virginia
Died:June 30, 1867, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Brother of:John L. Fariss


•  Last name sometimes spelled Farris with two "r"s and one "s" - Editor's Note

•  Married Harriette Wilson on November 22, 1825 in Madison County, Alabama. - Ancestry.com

•  Alderman in Huntsville 1845-1855. - Record

•  Huntsville Librarian, 1827. - Record

•  "The conjecture is indulged that sometime prior to 1825, the 'Alabamian' was published here (Huntsville); this, for the reason that the first issue of the 'Southern Advocate and Huntsville Advertiser,' later known as the 'Southern Advocate,' which was formed from a merger of the 'Alabama Republican' and the 'Alabamian,' appeared on May 6, 1825. It was published by D. Farris & Company, and cost $3.00 a year." - Newspaper

•  "Dandridge Fariss died on 30. Born in Nottoway Co. VA. 15 May 1800; was an apprentice in printing business in Petersburg, VA. in the Intelligence Office in 1816; moved to Tenn. in fall of 1817; on 1 Apr. 1818 came to Huntsville where he continuously resided up to time of his lamented death, nearly a half a century. In 1823 he established the 'Alabamian' in this place and in 1825 changed its name to 'Southern Advocate' which he conducted until Nov. 1837 when he retired from its publication. Since that time he was engaged in other pursuits, in all manifesting energy, capacity, integrity. He leaves a wife, 7 grown children, many grandchildren and hosts of friends." - Genealogy.com

•  Funeral Service was at his residence on Lincoln Street by Rev. Dr. Ross. - Genealogy.com

•  As we searched the web for links, we found his name was connected with the books he published. Examples are: "Constitution, Laws And Regulations: For The Government Of The Grand Lodge Of Alabama, And The Subordinate Lodges Under Its Jurisdiction, As Amended ... December ... 1827" and "Speeches of J.J. Ormond and A.F. Hopkins, Esq.: Before the Senate of Alabama, in Defense of Judges Saffold, Crenshaw and White, Against the Charges Preferred Against Them by Wm. Kelly, Esq. in January, 1829" - Editor's Note

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