Billy Fleming

 Banker and Businessman

Born:November 8, 1919, Madison County, Alabama
Died:February 10, 1983
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Son of:Aaron Fleming
Brother of:Joe Fleming
Brother of:Walton Strong Fleming


•  "The Peoples Bank had their opening in February (1964). Billy Fleming was president and Charles C. Richardson Executive vice-president." - Record, Vol. II

•  Owned the electrified Lily Flagg Gin (with Aaron and Joe Fleming). - Record, Vol. II

•  There is a picture in this book with a caption reading: "Wedding in Bibb Chapel, August 17, 1946 of Mary Jane Laughlin and Billy Fleming; Mary Jane was the great-great niece of Mrs. Wilson Cary Bibb who gave Bibb Chapel to the church in memory of her husband and daughter, Fannie Marsh." - Roberts

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