Angus Blakey Echols

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 Vice President, DuPont Chemical

Born:Oct. 5, 1889, Huntsville, AL
Died:Feb. 1967, Delaware
Son of:William Holding Echols (b1859) - Also son of Mary Elizabeth Blakey (1858-1894)


•  He was born in Huntsville and was listed on the 1900 Federal Census in Huntsville AL at the age of ten, living in his grandfather's home. However his father took a position at University of Virginia in 1891 when Angus would have been much younger. His mother died in 1894 and his father remarried in 1897. - Variety of Sources

•  Professor (Math, Engineering); DuPont (Plant Manager, Treasurer, Vice President) ; General Motors (Director) -

•  Graduated from University of Virginia in 1911 -

•  Social Security information places his death in Feb. 1967 and says 1959 with no citations. -

•  Married Helen Page (1910 -1965) in Charlottesville, VA -

•  Angus Blakey Echols was a Financial Vice-President of E.I. DuPont de Nemours Corporation from 1927 until 1954 (through the Depression of the 1930's and World War II).
     He was a director of General Motors Corporation and the Remington Arms Corporation.
     His father was a mathematics professor at University of Virginia and lived on campus, in a building designed by Thomas Jefferson. When he was with his father, he also lived there. -

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