Andrew Jackson Esslinger (b1844)


Born:March 25, 1844, Madison County, AL
Died:March 12, 1929, Madison County, AL
Buried:Beason Cemetery
Brother of:Benjamin Franklin Esslinger
Father of:Dr. Wade Hampton Esslinger
Father of:Judge William Francis Esslinger (b1868)
Son of:William Wright Esslinger - And also son of Martha Caroline Neal (1821-1893)


•  Last name sometimes spelled Eslinger (with only one "s") - Editor's Note

•  Private in Confederate Service Co. K. 49th (Find a Grave says 48th) Alabama Infantry. July 9th 1864 captured at Port Hudson LA and paroled "never entered regular service anymore". Southern Cross Honor. - Confederate Service

• #2 implies Andrew Jackson might have had four wives. This entry is far more confusing that the #1 entry. While there are obvious discrepancies within this entry, we decided to also link to it. There may be important information lost in the #1 simpler record. Here are some of the problems with #2 entry. There is complete documentation for his marriage to Catherine Margaret Fennell (wedded on Dec. 27, 1866) and they list eight children from that marriage: James Houston, Earnest Alva, Andrew Watkins Sr., Wade Hampton, Arthur Graham, Mary E., Catharine, and Martha Matilda. There are three children of Margarette Esslinger: Bessie, Cassie, Thomas H. but they are all born within the same time frame as Catherine's children. According to #2 Frances Ellen Kirksey married Andrew Jackson on July 18, 1872. She had no children listed but this marriage would have occurred while Catherine was still having children with Andrew Jackson. A fourth "unknown" spouse is listed with two children one of the children is also listed as a child of Catherine and another is listed as a child of Margarette. We presume there was no fourth wife. And it is possible he had only one wife, Catherine Margaret Fennell, as listed in #1 - #2

•  This simpler form shows him married to one wife, Catherine Margaret Fennell (Dec. 5, 1842- October 9, 1884) with nine children:
     William Francis Esslinger, 1868 - 1951
     Frank Esslinger, 1868 -
     James Houston Esslinger, 1870 -
     Earnest Alva Esslinger, 1872 -
     Andrew Watkins Sr. Esslinger, 1874 - 1951
     Wade Hampton Esslinger, 1877 - 1918
     GH Esslinger, 1876 -
     Arthur Graham Esslinger, 1879 -
     Martha Matilda Esslinger, 1882 - - #1

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