Andrew Esslinger (b1787)

 Early Madison County Resident

Born:c. 1787, North Carolina
Died:Dec. 23, 1837, Jefferson City, TN
Father of:Andrew Jackson Esslinger (b1814)
Husband of:Elizabeth Wright Esslinger - Daughter of Robert Wright
Father of:William Wright Esslinger


•  Son of Andrew Esslinger I (1748-1820). Andrew I (b1748) was the only child of Christian Esslinger who came with Andrew I to the US on an English ship "Patience" arriving at Philadelphia Sept. 19, 1749. They were of German decent. His mother was Christina, born in Sindolsheim, Germany in 1750 and died in Tennessee in 1840. His parents were married in Orange, North Carolina in Sept. 1775. - &

•  Andrew (b1748) died before his family moved to Madison County. His widow's father lived in Madison county along with his brother and at least one of his sons. So his widow sold their farm, hired a barge and moved, with the remaining part of the family to Madison County. The Esslinger decedents are many and they come from his blood line. - Heritage

•  Father of:
     1. Robert Esslinger, born 1802 and died after 1880 Married Nancy Harless (1825-1855)
     2. Polly Esslinger born 1806 in Greene, TN and died after 1880 in Madison County, AL
     3. Mary Esslinger, 1808 in Greene, TN and died after 1870 in Madison County
     4. Sarah "Sally" Esslinger, 1809 in Greene, Tennessee and died after 1870 in Madison County, AL
     5. Andrew Jackson Esslinger, May 24, 1814 in Jefferson, TN and died Feb. 20, 1906 in Sevier TN. He married Sarah C. Hunt in Madison County, AL on March 4, 1841
     6. William Wright Esslinger born Nov. 19, 1815 in Eastern Tennessee and died Sept. 17, 1889 in Madison County, AL
     7. John Esslinger born in 1819 in Tennessee and died in Burleson, TX      8. James Esslinger born in 1820 in Tennessee and died in Burleson, Texas
     9. Jane Esslinger born in 1822 in Tennessee
     10. Thomas S Esslinger born in Jefferson, Tennessee August 1827 and died May 12, 1866 in Madison County, AL
     11. Elizabeth Bowman Esslinger born in 1828 in Tennessee and died in Berkley, AL -

•  Last name sometimes spelled Eslinger (with only one "s") - Editor's Note

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