Alice Freeman

Albert Lane's sketch of "Aunt Alice" (from Culver & Smith)

Born:October 3, 1908
Died:October 8, 1991
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Daughter of:Sarah "Sallie" Mason Freeman
Daughter of:Thomas William Freeman (c1870)


•  Miss Alice had a first grade class in her Lincoln Street home where lucky little folks learned reading, writing and 'rithmetic and tasted from her mother's marvelous kitchen. - Freeman

•  The home of Tom and Sallie Freeman, at 205 Lincoln Street, had many phases of activity. It was important as people transitioned into their life in Huntsville.
     Generals were entertained there before the officers club at Redstone was ready.
     The "Cotton Boys" lived in the "Little House" (a house behind the big house). They were cotton brokers and enjoyed their poker games.
     Two prestigious musicians boarded there until they were established in town.
     After the flood of newcomers subsided a little, the home was used by their daughter as an educational environment.
     This is was what Sallie Ann Culver wrote about that phase "My aunt, Alice Freeman, left teaching at West Clinton Elementary School and West Huntsville, and opened her '1st Grade' in the former dining room of the house in September 1957. It was called School for Beginners. She enrolled students whose birthdays were after September 1 and could not enroll in public schools. She continued this until her retirement. Nana loved having the school children in the house." - Culver & Smith

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