Aaron Fleming

 Civic Leader and Businessman

Born:January 21, 1887, Tennessee
Died:March, 19, 1966, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Father of:Billy Fleming
Father of:Joe Fleming
Father of:Walton Strong Fleming


•  Owned the electrified Lily Flagg Gin (with Jo and Bill Fleming). - Record, Vol. II

•  In 1935, the first Welfare Department for Madison County was established and Aaron was on the first board. "Along with this, the County, for the first time in its history, abolished the Poor House, or Alms House, as many called it. The building at the end of Hermitage was abandoned and later torn down, as the Welfare Department began to take care of the poor, who were usually placed with relatives and appropriations given the family. In 1935 there were 63 poorhouses in the state, but by 1953 they would be down to two." - Record, Vol. II

•  Served on the Board of County Commissioners. When C. H. Watson, District 3, died (March 12, 1935) Aaron finished his term until the end of 1936. - Record, Vol. I

•  Madison County Pensions and Security (Welfare) Board, 1935-1937 - Record, Vol. I

•  The Madison County Community Chest, Incorporated, was formed officially on August 20, 1943. Aaron Fleming served on the first budget committee. - Taylor

•  The article talks about the use of straw in the construction of Dr. Burritt's house. Malinda Herzog used the notes of H. Merrill in the Burritt collection for the following information: "The wheat straw was baled in the fall and was harvested from Aaron Fleming's farm (now the Lily Flag area). Two thousand two hundred bales of wheat straw were delivered to the construction site. The bales were 18x20 inches with four wires used to bind the straw together. Dr. Burritt said when looking them over, 'the bales of hay looked like giant bricks all in a row.'" - Herzog

•  Mrs. Aaron was on the Huntsville Hospital Governing Board. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Married Winnie Cole Strong on Nov. 15, 1914 in Lincoln County, TN. People called her "Cole" or "Winnie". She was born about 1891 and died July 12, 1962 in Huntsville, AL. She was the daughter of Lewis C. Strong and Mary Clay Smith - Marriage & Death

•  Mother's name was Sallie Warden and Father's name was Walton or Walter Fleming. - Ancestry.com

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