307 Gates Avenue SE

First Presbyterian Church. Listed as 312 Lincoln in HJAC.
Architect - Adolphus Heiman (Austrian), Nashville (has several similar 1850's tower-churches extant in mid-Tennessee.) It is said that Heiman did not want the spire. (His Tennessee 1850's Gothic Churches w/crenelated towers did not have spires, nor did most churches in the 1850s.) The church fathers were competing for height with the new 1859 Episcopal Church. The spire blew down in 1878 (newspaper article). Perhaps it was not anchored as well as the architect could have done! Various restorations & interior remodeling project by J&H Archs., H.J. (HJAC - '97)

First Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama
Organized June 15, 1818 by the Rev. Gideon Blackburn, D. D. One of the state's oldest Presbyterian churches. This site was selected for the first church building, dedicated on Oct. 13, 1822. The second and present , sanctuary was dedicated on May 18, 1860. Names of all ministers who have served this church are recorded on plaques in the sanctuary. This marker erected on 150th anniversary of organization. - Alabama Historical Association marker - 1969.
District: Twickenham (941)
Built: c. 1860
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307 Gates Avenue SE

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SW Education Building for First Presbyterian Church, c. 1958, Turner & Northington Arch. Source: Carey Cooper
Date: c1972
Rights: Harvie Jones Architectural Collection