300 Gates Avenue SE

Weeden House. In 1972, was empty, partly burned-out (fl. 2, SW room). Rooming house. Bought, saved and restored by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association, City of Huntsville & many donations. Restoration Arch. Jones & Herrin, HJ & R. Allen (most work donated). H.A.B.S. (HJAC - '97)
District: Twickenham (939)
Built: c. 1819
Style: Federal Period
Sign: Howard Weeden 1819
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300 Gates Avenue SE

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Historic American Buildings Survey W. N. Manning, Photographer, April 25, 1934. CLOSE- UP OF ENTRANCE DOORWAY. - HABS ALA,45-HUVI,2-4
Source: W. N. Manning
Date: c1934
Rights: Historic American Building Survey, Library of Congress