2 Banister Avenue SE

District: Twickenham (814)
Built: c. 1980
Sign: The House on Banister-1815. Rebuild 1980 with Addition.
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2 Banister Avenue SE

Frye-James Home, Banister Lane

A merchant on the square built this house ca. 1815. The original house had three rooms; two down and one up, in the style of the New England "salt boxes." The property was then owned by such men as William Pope, Benjamin Patterson, James McClung. In 1851 William Frye, a noted artist of his time, acquired the property. He is remembered for his paintings of the Big Springs and portrait of Henry Clay.

Later the house became servants' quarters. The condition of the house declined in later years and stood unoccupied until purchased and rebuilt in 1980 by Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Lee B. James. Additions were added to the rear of the house making it convenient and comfortable.

If you haven't driven down Banister Lane, located between Adams Street and Greene Street, and seen this charming home with its picket fence and small formal herb garden out front, do so. Sketched by Lee Harless, Jr., 1987.

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Source: unknown
Date: 1987
Rights: Reproduced from "Twickenham Tables" published by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association, Inc., 1988.