Twickenham Tables

Twickenham Tables is a cookbook that was published by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association in 1988. In addition to hundreds of recipes, it contains drawings of Twickenham houses and scenes by local artists such as Lee Harless, L. Trice Hinds and Albert Lane, as well as descriptions of the houses.

Twickenham Tables

Nicholson-Carlton Home, Randolph Street

This small Queen Anne cottage was built in 1895 by William Nicholson as a rental house. The $12.00 per month rent was used to finance the building of the adjacent house. The present owners, Mr. and Mrs. Kit Carlton, purchased the house in 1977 and completely restored it. At that time the house was enlarged at the rear and the second floor finished. Sketched by Trice Hinds in 1979.

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Source: Leon Trice Hinds
Date: 1979
Rights: Reproduced from "Twickenham Tables" published by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association, Inc., 1988, with the permission of THPDA and the artist.