Twickenham Receipts and Sketches

Twickenham Receipts and Sketches is a cookbook that was published by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association in 1978. In addition to hundreds of recipes, it contains drawings of Twickenham houses and scenes by local artists such as Lee Harless, L. Trice Hinds and Albert Lane, as well as descriptions of the houses.

Twickenham Receipts and Sketches

McCAULEY-LOWE-MORLEY HOMES, Franklin Street view

The 1978 Franklin Street scene by Lee Harless, Jr. shows the 1902 Queen Anne Revival Van Valkenburgh-McCauley house and its neighbors; the Fletcher-Lowe house ca. 1900 in the background, and the Morley house, ca. 1900, which was lived in for many years by the merchant Cooney family.

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Source: Lee Harless, Jr.
Date: 1978
Rights: Reproduced from "Twickenham Receipts and Sketches" published by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association, Inc., 1978, with the permission of THPDA and the artist.