Jacquelyn Procter Reeves

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Jacquelyn Procter Reeves has authored numerous books and scores of short stories about the history of North Alabama. She actively participated in the Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society, the Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll and the Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society where she served as editor of Valley Leaves. She is often seen leading local history, cemetery and ghost tours in Huntsville.

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Jacquelyn Procter Reeves - Hidden History of North Alabama - Jacque Reeves

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"What secrets lie hidden within North Alabama's murky past?
The tranquil waters of the Tennessee River hide a horrible tragedy that took place one steamy July day when coworkers took an excursion aboard the SCltmk. Lawrence County resident Jenny Brooks used the skull of one of her victims to wash her hands, but her forty-year quest for revenge cost more than she bargained for. Granville Garth jumped to his watery grave with a pocketful of secrets did anyone collect the $10,000 reward for the return of the papers he took with him? Historian Jacquelyn Procter Reeves transports readers deep into the shadows of the past to learn about the secret of George Steele's will, the truth behind the night the 'Stars Fell on Alabama' and the story of the Lawrence County boys who died in the Goliad Massacre. Learn these secrets and many more in Hidden History of North Alabama."
Source: Jacquelyn Procter Reeves
Date: 2010
Rights: © 2010 by Jacquelyn Procter Reeves