Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll, 2012

Huntsville Pilgrimage Association

The Huntsville Pilgrimage Association advances the appreciation and preservation of the historic heritage of Huntsville and Madison County, Alabama through a Pilgrimage of homes, the annual Maple Hill Cemetery Stoll and related events. Donations and funds raised by the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association go directly to the maintenance and restoration of Maple Hill Cemetery's grave markers, monuments and landscape.

Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll, 2012

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Mary Lewis Clay 1825-1898 (Roianne Little). Wife of John Withers Clay, and the ideal of Southern womanhood who held the Clay family together after "The War."

Gov. Clement Comer Clay 1789-1866 (Charles Edgar). Lawyer, Congressional Representative, 8th Governor of Alabama & U.S. Senator. S4)
Source: Deane K. Dayton
Date: 2012
Rights: Huntsville Pilgrimage Association