The Southpaw Postcard Collection - Homes

These postcards about the Homes of Huntsville and Madison County are from the extensive collection of George & Peg Heeschen.

The Southpaw Postcard Collection - Homes

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Front: Colonial Home, Huntsville, Ala.
Back: Few parts of the South equal Huntsville in wealth of handsome ante-bellum Homes. Posterity may view with profitable concern
No. I, the residence first Secretary of the States of the Confederacy, who issued order to fire on Fort Sumter in 1861, first shot ot the Civil War. This edifice was built in 1815.
No. 2, the home of the first Governor of Alabama, built in 1837.
No. 3, the palatial home ot a wealthy planter of the Old South, built in 1835.
Source: Anderson News Company, Florence, Ala.
Rights: From the postcard collection of George and Peg Heeschen, The Southpaw, Huntsville, Alabama