Women's History in Madison County

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Women's History in Madison County - Resources for Teachers and Students

Digital History Resources

  • Women on Redstone Arsenal - A comprehensive look into the vital role women have had in the history of Redstone Arsenal, particularly during World War II.
  • Weeden House Museum - "The Weeden House Museum, located at 300 Gates Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama is home to the artwork of Maria Howard Weeden and currently houses many of her works in the museum collection." It "is now owned by the City of Huntsville and is leased by the Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association and maintained as a 19th Century house museum."

Audio Resources

Glimpses of Old Huntsville - A series of brief audio recordings by Nancy Rohr, a local historian, author and storyteller whose familiar voice tells stories about life in early Huntsville, the residents of historic homes and local heroines of the Civil War.

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