Withers Family, A Vintage Vignette

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Withers Family
A Vintage Vignette by John P. Rankin
October 28, 2010

For my last Vintage Vignette as I refocus life upon other pursuits in my retirement, I have chosen to tell more of the story of the Withers family. They were among the earliest pioneers of the area, and much has been written about them in Alabama historical books. However, few realize how significant the family was in Alabama's growth and in shaping the destiny of the Madison area. They were here long before Madison became a settlement.

I have been honored to contribute this series of weekly Vintage Vignettes over the last four years for publication in the Madison Spirit segment of the Huntsville Times. I thank the editors for allowing me that privilege. It has certainly been one of the more enjoyable of my many volunteer activities since taking permanent medical disability leave from my active career in the aerospace engineering industry. I do hope that organizations and clubs will continue to request that I relate more details of the Vintage Vignette series at meetings in the future, as I can then share so much additional information and show photos. Of course, that also is a volunteer activity for me, and it keeps me active to some extent, so long as I am able to share my love of area history with those who wish to know about the lives of our pioneer families. Thanks to the many folks who have told me that they read the series and have enjoyed it, as I have. I hope to see you in the community and to continue learning of the “old days”.

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