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  • ... partnered with George Washington Wise to open a new drugstore at 200 Main Street. That building still has the sign “Humphrey Hughes Rexall Drug Store inl On Independence Day of 1906 Fannie married Thomas L. Bradford, a druggist in Madison. Thomas had worked for a while in the store of his father-in-law, but he e
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  • ...arley, who in 1892 married “Miss Hessie” (Nancy Hesseltine) Gillespie, Madison’s beloved 1st grade teacher of many years. John B. Farley was born near ...ntrance of his home. His body was dumped in Aldridge Creek, but buried in Madison. Yet, the story in Huntsville’s Mercury – Banner newspaper dated July
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  • ...w. Other portions of the land were in the Lipscomb plantation area, where Madison educator John Lipscomb was raised. ...nt_Street.jpg|thumb|right|300px|25 Front Street. Photo from ''Memories of Madison: A Connected Community, 1857-200'', page 98.]]
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  • Jordan, both born in Tennessee (as was Susie) but living in the town of Madison in 1910. The connection, if any, of this family to area pioneer Bartholome Portions of it later came to be known as Old Madison Pike (well after Madison became a significant town in the late 1800s), and in the 1950’s a small p
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  • ... Williams, but it burned in 1942 and is now a parking lot across from Main Street Cafe. ...bed as “… among the most cheerful and entertaining gentlemen in all of Madison County”. He was stated to be "...a Methodist Church Steward for over 30
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  • ...ediately south of the railroad depot. In 1857 when he purchased the first Madison town lot from James Clemens, George Washington Martin already knew the area ...ichard Martin and others on a wagon train from Virginia through Georgia to Madison County around 1809. Elijah took land on the north face of the mountain, ne
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  • ...laughter 1.jpg|thumb|right|300px|]Photo of Dr. Slaughter from files of the Madison Station Historical Society.]] ... John P. Rankin of picture in files of the Heritage Room at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library, courtesy of Ranee` Pruitt.]]
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  • ...therners called a “carpetbagger”. Anderson at about age 9 came to the Madison area with his family around 1868. He was born in Ohio to John B. Anderson, ...ger of a farm. The 1920 census listed Harvey and his wife Annie living in Madison with no occupation, showing him as retired at age 55 (per the enumerator’
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  • ...rn Bell's purchase on July 10. By the end of 1960 the number of phones in Madison had increased to 429. It reached over 1500 by 1970. However, party lines ...t. Martin moved the switchboard to the old post office building on Garner Street. He was one of only two people in Alabama who owned a telephone company wh
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  • ... Clinton Lanier in 1881 and Wesley Hall in 1897 after Burwell’s death in Madison. ... In 1884 Lucy married James Arthur Wise, a brother and business partner of Madison merchant George Washington Wise. The 1900 census shows Lucy and James Ashf
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  • ...ion development, is very likely the oldest house still standing within the Madison city limits. In fact, it may well be the oldest house still standing in th be their father, Moses Bailey, a Revolutionary War soldier, came to the Madison area while it was still Indian land. The Bailey brothers bought rights to
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  • ...llen; John married first Jemima Burns, then Nancy Barham (“Basham” per Madison County Records Center on-line listing); Hezekiah married Martha Moore first There are indications that this Bailey family was closely linked to that of Madison area pioneer James F. Bailey, who was the subject of an article in The Hunt
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  • ...rmerly been a third railroad track, circling around behind the depot. Two main tracks ran in front of the depot. Today there is only one track through th ...ealty office and art gallery. Now it has been beautifully restored as the Madison Station Antiques building.
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  • ...e in Huntsville versus the Madison Lewter's Grocery Store that was on Main Street. ... church building that was located initially at College Street and Sullivan Street was constructed in 1884. Samuel Balch was a deacon of the church in the 18
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  • ... House” as being one-half mile west of Indian Creek along the Huntsville-Madison Road. ...t site is along today’s Skyline Road in Skyline Acres, just north of Old Madison Pike and on the west side of Slaughter Road. The family of Fannie Binford
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  • ... the Cain pioneers of the town. Thomas Cain was a central figure in early Madison. He was born in 1829 in the Cambridge Methodist Church area of Limestone C ... the third of his four wives and widow of Stephen Hussey, who was a son of Madison pioneer Elijah Hussey. William Parham’s first wife was Ann Malone, and t
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  • ... Clay’s lots were on the other side of the railroad tracks, along Front Street today, corresponding to house numbers 23 and 25. ...ained a store in the front (thereby the name “storefront”), facing the street, with living quarters arranged in the same building immediately behind the
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  • ...e Doolittles were probably brothers and lived in Michigan before coming to Madison after the Civil War. ...t here in March of 1867. Mary (age 15 in 1860) was apparently a sister of Madison grocer John J. Sturdivant (20) and his brother William C. Sturdivant (22).
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  • ... a Private in the 4th Alabama Cavalry of the Confederate States Army. The Madison County Records Center shows that William T. Garner (Senior) married Adeline ... Madison in Madison County and for the creation of an institution known as Madison Male and Female Academy, to be used solely for school purposes.”
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  • [[File:Christoper C Gewin-Rankin.jpg|thumb|left|280px|Early Post Office in Madison. Pictured are left to right Miss Alabama Pocohontus Gewin, postmistress, h ...alized by the stone was one of three people bearing that name who lived in Madison at the same time.
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