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William Irvin Adair

 Lawyer, Jurist, Political Leader

Born:1796, Kentucky
Died:December 9, 1835, Madison County, AL


•  Son of William and Mary (Irvin) Adair; nephew of Gov. John Adair of Kentucky; and grandson of Baron William and Mary (Moore) Adair, the former a native of Scotland, who emigrated from Belfast, Ireland, in 1736, settled in Chester County, S. C., and later returned to Scotland. - Alabama Biography

•  Married Miss Jones of Frankliln County (daughter of J.S. Jones). She died February 1857. - Alabama Biography

•  Served in the war of 1812 as captain of the 17th Kentucky infantry regiment; was trasferred to the Thrid Infantry regiment, 1815, and resigned in 1817. - Alabama Biography

•  "William Adair served in the War of 1812 as captain of the 17th Kentucky infantry regiment; was transferred to the Third infantry regiment, 1815, and resigned in 1817. He removed to Alabama in 1818 farmed for a while but soon took up the study of law, and opened an office in Huntsville where he became a man of prominence. He represented Madison County in the legislature of 1822 and 1823, and for the latter session he was elected speaker. He was elected, November 1832, to the circuit court bench and held that office until his death three years later." - Alabama Biography

•  He came to Alabama and settled in Huntville in 1818. (Early settler)

•  "Judge Adair was tall and well formed, with a florid complexion. He was sociable to excess, honest, popular, and blunt of speech. Though a good judge he paid little regard to legal technicalities. While holding court in Lawrence once, a young man was tried for killing another who had seduced his sister. The prosecution laid great stress on the fact that the deed was done a year after the seduction (the erring Lothario having absented himself) and that 'cooling time' had elapsed for the passion of the brother to have assuaged. 'Yes, gentlemen of the jury'' said Judge A., 'there is such a thing as 'cooling time,' but the allotted three score and ten years of man's life are not sufficient 'cooling time' in a case like this." - Brewer's Alabama History

•  Father of:

1. Jones Baker Adair, 1820 - 1854, married and had a son, Irvin Adair, lived at Warren, Arkansas
2. William Arthur Adair, 1822 - February 1857, married Octavia, daughter of J. S. Jones, of Greenbrier, Limestone County, AL. He had several children including W. W. Adair of Marshall TX and A. J. Adair, of Anniston, AL
3. Mary C. (Maria), 1824, married Pinkney Broooks of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. and had two decedents (1) Lieut. W. B. Cook of Tuscumbia and (2) Dr. W. H. Dial, of Marshall TX.
4. Martha W, 1826.

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