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Peter Efford Bentley

Painting by Archibald M. Willard
 Revolutionary War Soldier

Born:November 1759, Goochland, Virginia
Died:July 3, 1837, Madison County, AL
Buried:Harris/Bentley Cemetery near Chase


•  Revollutionary War Soldier: Sgt. Virginia Militia. - Patriot Database

•  Marriage 1.) Martha Markham (1768-1791) married 1782, Chesterfield, VA; 2.) Elizabeth Gay (1772-1793) married 1794, Jamestown Virginia. (According to an entry in Find a Grave, Elizabeth is a direct descendant of Pocahontas.) -

•  Father of: Elizabeth Gay (1773 - 1840 ), Eliza Gay Bentley (1796 - 1852 ), Frances Trent Bentley (1798 - 1859), William Field Bentley (798 - ), Maria Buchanan Bentley (1799 - ), Efford Bolling Bentley (1801 - 1882), John Gay Bentley (1804 - 1870), Alexander Willis Bentley (1811 - 1868), Lavinia Woodson Bentley (1812 - 1840). -

•  Received a land grant in Madison County after the war. - Find A Grave

•  In most records the name "Peter" is not used. Usually it reads "Efford Bentley". - Editor's Note

•  In Find A Grave and Peter Efford Bentley carries a title of Colonel. Our information says he was a Sergeant in the Revolutionary War. Maybe he was a Colonel in the war of 1812. If you have better information on this matter, contact us. - Editor's Note

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