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John Cartwright

 First Known Settler to Madison City Area


•  Married: Mary (maiden name unknown) - 1

•  Father of:

--Hezekiah Bradley Cartwright
--Rebecca Cartwright Russell (Married Albert Russell in Madison Co., AL Sept. 19, 1835
--Martha Lavendar Cartwright McCutcheon (married James McCutcheon in Madison County, AL in 1836)
--Sarah Cartwright Gray
--Evelina Jane Cartwright Graves - 1

•  "The first known settler in what was to become the City of Madison, Alabama, was John Cartwright, who came here in 1818. He came to the Tennessee Valley, part of the area then known as the Mississippi Territory, and liked what he saw. He received a land grant from the federal government in a place that would first be called Madison Station, then just Madison. Later, the Cartwright property would be sold to the Palmer family, and be known as the Palmer Place." - Madison, AL

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