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Dr. Samuel Adolphus Cartwright

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Born:November 3, 1793, Fairfax County, Virginia
Died:May 2, 1863, Jackson, Mississippi


•  Physician who practiced in the antebellum Southern United States. - Wikipedia - Bio

•  Education: University of Pennsylvania, Medical School - Wikipedia - Bio

•  Married : Mary Wren of Natchez, Mississippi in 1825 - Wikipedia - Bio

•  Children: Mary Cartwright married William Alexander Gordon of Liverpool, England. - Wikipedia - Bio

•  Known for coining, in 1851, the term "drapetomania" - a supposed mental illness that caused black slaves to flee captivity. - Wikipedia - Drapetomania

•  Cartwright's suggested cure for drapetomania: If "care, kindness, attention and humanity" do not work, "whipping the devil out of them" or amputating their toes. - Wikipedia - Drapetomania

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