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David Capshaw

From RW - Capshaw. Photo was taken by Thomas David Capshaw of Houston, TX in 1960 (the gin in AL is no longer there).
 Early Land Holder in Western Madison County, Alabama

Born:Nov. 8, 1779, Rutherford County, NC
Died:March 11, 1839, Madison County, AL


•  "By 1810 he had moved out of North Carolina and into Indian territory.

1810 David Capshaw signed the Intruders Petition
1815 David was on the Madison County, Alabama tax list
1816 Madison County, Alabama Territory Resident's list
1816 Mississippi Territory census
1830 David Capshaw enumerated in Alabama" - Capshaw History

•  "During the American Revolution, David's, father William and David's uncle, Essex, were both charged with treason. At this time, 'everybody' was being charged with treason, either by the English, or the revolutionaries." More of the story can be found at the RW-Capshaw link. - Family History

•  "As an adult, he was a large man, being six feet tall, with broad shoulders and standing very erect." - Family History

•  "David, with his brother(s), built an early cotton gin in the Tennessee Valley. They later sold it and David built another one in what is now known as Capshaw, Alabama. He operated the gin for many years 'earning a good living.'" - Family History

•  Married:
(1) Ruth Luallen on December 20, 1800 and Ruth died in 1802 (birthdate unknown).
(2) Mary Elizabeth McCracken on January 5, 1809 in Madison County, AL (born: Sept. 14, 1788, South Carolina ? died June 15, 1857, Lauderdale Co., AL) - Family History

•  Father of Cassia, Preston, James McCracken, Robert Smith, David Granville, Aroma, John William, Mary Jane, Calvin Rush, Caswell Carver, Benjamin Franklin. Marriages, birth & death dates & places found in the RW-Genealogy link. - Family History

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