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Benjamin Adkins

Painting by Archibald M. Willard
 Revolutionary War Soldier

Born:c1755, Lunenberg, VA, British Colonial America
Died:November 27, 1827 in, Jackson County, IN
Buried:Madison County, AL
Father of:Daniel Atkins
Father of:Thomas Atkins


•  "The Atkins Family in the United States predates the founding of Our Great Nation through John Atkins who was part of the first permanent English Settlement in the New World, Jamestowne, Virginia in 1607 AD. Our family name has undergone many variations of spelling to indude: Adkins, Atkinson and Aiken to name a few. There are many more, but these are found to be the most common.

We will, for now, inaugurate this site with Benjamin Atkins, Veteran of the American Revolution, born c1755 in Lunenburg, VA, British Colonial America. Benjamin died 27 Nov 1827 in Madison County, AL. Research shows that Benjamin lived in Newberry and Laurens Districts, SC before migrating to Madison County, Mississippi Territory c1809. Benjamin and wife, Eve, had at least eight (8) children to include: William Reed Lucinda "Lucy" Daniel (spelled "Atkins" on his marriage certificate) Thomas Elizabeth E Benjamin and James. Other children have been associated with Benjamin, but this genealogist can only prove those listed. Hopefully, through other Atkins family participation, much more history can be substantiated." - Facebook

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