Native American History in Madison County

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Native American History in Madison County - Resources for Teachers & Students

Native Americans in Alabama

  • Alabama Indians - Compiled resources on the Alabama Indians through the Alabama State Archives.

The Trail of Tears and Indian Removal

  • Interactive Trail of Tears Map - This map, maintained by the National Park Service through their National Historic Trails program, details the exact route of the Trail of Tears in 1838 as well as the routes of other National Historic Trails. The Trail of Tears passed through many portions of Madison County and students can browse the map to see where the trail crosses familiar places.
  • NPS Trail of Tears Lesson Plan - This website contains a lesson plan and affiliated materials about the Trail of Tears, developed by the National Park Service as part of their "Teaching with Historic Places" series.
  • The National Trail of Tears Association - This organization has chapters in every Trail of Tears state, including Alabama, and oversees interpretation and education about the Trail of Tears in their state.
  • NPS Trail of Tears Sites - The National Park Service maintains historic sites relating to the Trail of Tears and opens them to the public. Many of these sites are within a few hours or less from Madison County. Their website provides useful information about the Trail of Tears as well as the individual historic sites.

Audio Resources

Glimpses of Old Huntsville - A series of brief audio recordings by Nancy Rohr, a local historian, author and storyteller whose familiar voice tells stories about life in early Huntsville, the residents of historic homes and local heroines of the Civil War.

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