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The Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society has published The Huntsville Historical Review since 1971. The Review is a great source of local historical information.

The Society has graciously allowed us to reproduce it's articles in the Huntsville History Collection. A PDF file is available for each issue and article. A Subject Index is provided below. In addition, a table of contents, an author index and a full text search can be accessed from these links:

The following is an updated version of A Complete Listing and Index of The Huntsville Historical Review originally complied by James W. Lee, John Rison Jones, Jr. and Dorothy Price Luke, and published as the Summer-Fall 2001 (Volume 28, No. 2) issue of the The Huntsville Historical Review. The update was done by Deane Dayton.

The Huntsville Historical Review Subject Index



Abingdon Place


Adair, William I.


Admission to the Union

Alabama Capital

Alabama Centennial struggles

Alabama Constitution Covention delegate, Dallas County

Alabama Constitution Covention delegate, Lauderdale County

  • Hugh McVay, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Reeves, J.P., page 42

Alabama Constitution Covention delegate, Limestone County

  • Nicholas Davis, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Westmoreland, F.G., page 44
  • Thomas Bibb, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Gray, L.E., page 46

Alabama Constitution Covention delegate, Madison County

  • John Williams Walker, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Shannon, J.N., page 16
  • Henry Minor, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Mohler, S.T., page 23
  • John Leigh Townes, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Mohler, S.T., page 25
  • Gabriel Moore, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Mohler, S.T. & Reeves, J.P., page 28
  • Clement Comer Clay, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Reeves, J.P., page 30
  • John M. Taylor, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Mohler, S.T., page 33
  • Dr. Henry Chambers, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Mohler, S.T. & Carr, S., page 34
  • Lemuel Mead, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Reeves, J.P., page 36

Alabama Constitution Covention delegate, Monroe County

  • John Murphy, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Reeves, J.P., page 50
  • John Watkins, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Reeves, J.P., page 52

Alabama Constitution Covention delegate, Washington County County

Alabama Constitution Covention delegate, Washington County

  • Israel Pickens, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, McGowan, L., page 56

Alabama Constitutions

Alabama Fever

Alabama First Congressional Delegation

Alabama governor

Alabama statehood

Allison Homestead

American Colonization Society

Anderson, George T.

Antebellum Period

Apollo Eleven Launch

Appendix, Special Issue

Archaeological Information (Constitution Hall Park)


Architectual History of the Schiffman Building


Artifacts, Civil War


Athens College


Author Index

  • Author Index, Volume 28, #2, Summer-Fall 2001, Lee, J.W., Jones, J.R., Jr. & Luke, D.P., page 17


Baldridge family

Baldridge, Alice Borman

Bankhead family

Bankhead, John Hollis

Banking in Huntsville



Barber, John Warner

Baseball (Mill Village Teams)


Bell Factory

Bernstein family

Bibb, Thomas

Bibb, William Wyatt

Bibliography (Huntsville and Madison County History)

Bicentennial, U.S. Constitution

Big Cove

Big Spring

Birney Brothers of Huntsville

Birney, James Gillespie

Board of Directors

Book Reviews

Book Review

Botanical Gardens, Huntsville


Bradley School

Bradley, Joseph C.

Bridge demise

Broad River Group

Brooks family burial plot

Brooks, W. T. H., General

Brown Engineering Company, Inc.

Brown Family


Bruckner, Mary Jane Wharton

Buckhorn Tavern

Buell, General

Burial plots

Butler, James Edward

Byers Nursery

C.C. Clay Bridge demise

Caesar Position


Calhoun art collection

Calhoun family

Callis, John Benton

Camp, Andrew Jackon's


Captain Slick's Company

Castle Delight



Cemeteries, black


Chadick, Mary

Chambers, Henry, Dr.

Chambers, Henry

Chase Nursery

Chase family

Chase, Henry B.

Cherokee language

Cherokee leaders

Children of the mills

Cholera epidemic

Church of the Nativity (Episcopal)

Civil Rights Movement in Huntsville

Civil Rights Timeline

Civil War, Ala Monument at Vicksburg

Civil War, Battle of Chickamauga

Civil War, Battle of Manassas

Civil War, Battle of Nashville

Civil War, First Brigade Band, Fifteenth Army Corp

Civil War, Forty-eighth Alabama Regiment

Civil War, Fourth Alabama Cavalry

Civil War, Fourth Alabama Regiment

Civil War, Huntsville connections

Civil War, Huntsville homefront

Civil War, Huntsville

Civil War, Indian territory

Civil War, Madison County

Civil War, Postal history

Civil War, Reconstruction

Civil War, Seventh Minnesota

Civil War, Tennessee Valley

Civil War, Tennessee campaign

Civil War, Tenth Ohio Regimental Band

Civil War, Union Generals Buried at Maple Hill Cemetery

Civil War, Western Army

Civil War, occupation of Huntsville

Civil War, prison life

Civil War, railroads

Civil War, relics

Civil War, travel

Civil War

Civilian Conservation Corps

Clark, Gracie Mae

Clay family

Clay, Clement Claiborne

Clay, Clement Comer

Clay, John W.

Clay, Mary Lewis

Clay, Senator Clement Claiborne Clay, Jr.

Clay-Clopton, Virginia

Clemens, Jeremiah

Clopton, Anne Bradshaw

Cobb, Issac Denton Winfield

Cobweb paintings

Coffee, John, General

Coleman, Daniel, Captain

Commercial routes to Huntsville

Comparative Study

Confederate States of America

Congressman, first black


Constitution Hall State Park

Constitutional Convention in Huntsville

Constitutional development and interpretation

Constitutions, Alabama

Contributors, Special Issue


Cooperation ists


Cornelius, Elias

Cotton industry

Cotton mills


Councill School

Country Club, Huntsville


Craft, Exekiel

Creek Indian War

Creek Leader

Creek war

Crimes in the Pacific

Crowell, John

Culture Club

Cummings, Milton K.

Dabney, Robert Lewis

Dallas Manufacturing Company

Dallas Mill (and Village)

Dallas Park

Dallas family

Dallas, Trevanion Barlow

Daughters of American Revolution

Davis, Nicholas

  • Who was Nick Davis?, Volume 30, #1, Fall-Winter 2004-2005, Westmoreland, F.G., page 55
  • Nicholas Davis, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Westmoreland, F.G., page 44

Davis, Norah

Deberry, Dulcina

Decatur county

Dedication, Special Issue

  • Dedication, Volume Special Issue, 2008, , page vii

Dement, Dr. J. J.


Depression of the 1930's


Diary of Cassie Fennell

Ditto Landing

Ditto's Landing

Ditto, James

Ditto’s Landing

  • Ditto Landing, Volume Special Issue, 2008, Shapiro, N.M., page 73


Donnell, J.W.S

Doughboys of Madison County

Drake family burial plot

Drake, Dr. Harold Fanning

Durham, Eliza and Pink

Eagleton, George E., Reverend

Early Huntsville

East Germany to Huntsville

Eddins House

Editor's Message

Editor's Notes

Editor's Note

  • Editor's Note, Volume 38, #1, Spring-Summer 2014, Kvach, J.F., page iii
  • Editor's Note, Volume 39, #2, Fall-Winter 2014, Kvach, J.F., page iv
  • From the Editor, Volume 40, #2, Fall-Winter 2015, McCormick, A., page 5
  • From the Editor, Volume 41, #1, Spring-Summer 2016, McCormick, A., page iv
  • From the Editor, Volume 41, #2, Fall-Winter 2016, McCormick, A., page 124
  • From the Editor, Volume 42, #2, Fall-Winter 2017, McCormick, A., page 45
  • From the Editor, Volume 43, #1, Spring-Summer 2018, McCormick, A., page iii
  • From the Editor, Volume 43, #2, Fall-Winter 2018, McCormick, A., page 53

Editorial Policy

Editor’s Notes

Education, Black, in Huntsville


Edwards, Elijah E., Chaplain

Electrical Communications

Enabling Act

Enon Baptist Church

Epilogue, Special Issue

  • Epilogue, Volume Special Issue, 2008, Rohr, N.M., page 144


Erskine family

Erskine, Russel Albert

Explorer I

Fain, Cecil

Fearn Family

Fearn, Thomas, Dr.


Figures, Henry Stokes, Lieutenant

Finn, Daniel E.

First National Bank

Fisk System

Fisk, Sarah Huff

Flint River Place

Flint River

Forrest, Nathan Bedford, General

Frank, Milton

Franklin, Sanford

Fraser, Ollie

Free People of Color

Freedman's Savings and Trust

From the Editor

Frye, Wilhelm

Fuller, Henry M.

Gee, Susan B. Turner

General, The

  • The General, Volume 30, #2, Summer-Fall 2005, Reeves, R., page 55

German Rocket Team

Gill, Howard

Glenwood Cemetery

Goldsmith family

Gonzalez, Xavier


Gray, Pleasant

Great War

Green Academy

Green Bottom Inn

Green Lawn

Greenway, John Campbell

Grimes, John C.


Growing up

Guntersville, destruction

Gurley, Frank B., Captain

Harrison Brothers Hardware

Hazel Green

Heikes, William F.

Helion Lodge #1

Henson family

Heritage Festival

Herstein family

Hillsboro Heights Baptist church

Hine, Lewis Wickes

Historic markers

Historical Research

Historical Review Index

History perspectives

Hitchcock, Henry



Hood, John Bell, General

Hopkins, Arthur

Horse racing

Hunt, John

Huntsville 1850's

Huntsville Arsenal

Huntsville Democrat (Newspaper)

Huntsville Depot

Huntsville Female College

Huntsville Housing Authority

Huntsville Police Department

Huntsville Reveille (Union newspaper)

Huntsville School System

Huntsville Wholesale Nursery Company

Huntsville buildings

Huntsville development

Huntsville early residents

Huntsville early scenes

Huntsville early settlement

Huntsville early transportation

Huntsville industry

  • Tracy Pratt, Volume 15, #1 & #2, 1985, Ryan, P.H., page 27

Huntsville invasion, April 1862

Huntsville natural gas

  • Tracy Pratt, Volume 15, #1 & #2, 1985, Ryan, P.H., page 27

Huntsville population and size growth

Huntsville society

Huntsville town

Huntsville's First Citizen

Huntsville, Texas and Alabama

Huntsville,three visits before the Civil War

Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society, Constitution & By-laws

Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society, History

Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society, Member List

Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society, Officers

Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society, Treasurer's Report

Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society

Huntsville/Madison County Early 20th Century

Huntsvilles in other states


I. Schiffman & Company

Index, Special Issue

  • Index, Volume Special Issue, 2008, , page 155


Indian Creek Canal

Indian Creek

Indian Lands

Indian removal





Jackson, Andrew

James trial

Jewish Business Community

Jewish publications

Joel Eddins House

John Blue Company

John William Walker Historical Marker

Johnson's Island (Civil War prison)

Johnson, G. M. L., General

Jones, Amos Blanch

Jones, Harvie P.

Jones, J.N.S.


K-9 Unit

Keller Automobile Plant

Kelly, J. O. & Son


Kimberly, Oscar

King Cotton

King, William Rufus


Korolev, Sergei


Lakeside United Methodist Church

Land Speculator

Land laws

Lanman, Charles

Lauterbach, Jacob Z., Rabbi


Lay, Henry C., Bishop

Letters of James Williams Walker


Lewis family

Library, Black, Huntsville

Library, Huntsville Public, history

Lily Flag

Limestone County Historical Research

Lincoln's Murder

Lincoln, Mary Todd



  • The General, Volume 30, #2, Summer-Fall 2005, Reeves, R., page 55

Logan, John A., General

Lowe, Bartley M.

Ludwig family

Madison (city of)

Madison Baptist church

Madison County Historical Research

Madison County, Mississppi Territory

Madison County, courthouses

Madison County, early settlement & residents

Madison County, government

Making of a Memorial


Manning, Dr. James

Manufacturing companies



Marx, Ludwig family

Masonic cornerstones

Masonry in Huntsville


McCanless, Christel L.

McCook, Gen. Robert, death of

McCrary Farm

McCrary Homestead

McIntosh, William

McVay, Hugh

Mead, Lemuel

  • Lemuel Mead, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Reeves, J.P., page 36

Medaris, General John Bruce






Merrimack Manufacturing Company

Merrimack Mill



Mill Industry

Mill children

Mill villages


Milner, John T.

Mincher, Don

Minor, Henry

  • Henry Minor, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Mohler, S.T., page 23

Mississippi Militia, 16th Regiment

Mitchel, 0. M., General

Mitchel, General Ormsby McKnight

Moen, Augustus R&acutee;n&acutee;

Monroe, President James

Monte Sano Baptist church

Monte Sano Female Seminary

Monte Sano Hotel

Monte Sano

Moore, David, Dr.

Moore, Gabriel

Moore, Samuel B.

Morgan County Historical Research

Moss, Herman L. & Jessie S


Murphy, John

  • John Murphy, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Reeves, J.P., page 50

Myhand, Hub


Naugher Nursery Company

Nazi Germany

Negro colonization

New Market Presbyterian Church

New Market

News and Notes

North Alabama College (Huntsville)

Norton, Colonel Jesse S.



O'Shaughnessy family

Oak Place

Oakwood College

Old South

Old Town

Open range

Otey family

Otey, Octavia Wyche


Palmer, Benjamin Morgan

Patent medicine

Peace party

Peele, Hunter

Photographic detective

Pickens, Israel

  • Israel Pickens, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, McGowan, L., page 56

Pierce-Arrow Company



Pleasants, Julia, poetry of

Plummer, Laura Wharton

Policy, Editorial



Pope, LeRoy

Poplar Grove

Portrait, miniature


Postmarks (historical)

Pratt, Tracy

  • Tracy Pratt, Volume 15, #1 & #2, 1985, Ryan, P.H., page 27

Preacher, sleeping

Prelude to the Great War



President Monroe Visits Huntsville

President's Letter

President's Message

President's Note

President's Page

President's Remarks

President’s Message

President’s Page

Price, Elizabeth Fraser


Proslavery Idealogy

Psychic phenomena


Radical and the Republican

Railroads (Alabama)


Ranee Pruitt Award

Reagan, John H.

Redstone Arsenal

Redstone Ordnance Plant


Restoration of Old Sidewalk

Rise and Fall of King Cotton

Roberts, Frances Cabaniss Roberts

Robertson family burial plot

Rockets & Space

Ross, Frederick Augustus

Rousseau, General

Russel Erskine hotel


Salt King

Salt monopoly

Sanders, Constantine B.

Schiffman Building

Schiffman family



Secession in Alabama


Senate election of 1906


Shelta Cave

Shiloh United Methodist Church


Slave revolts, Huntsville's response


Smith, Corporal Henry Ackerman

Smith, E. Kirby, General

Smith, William, Judge

Snapshot, 1819 Huntsville


Society (Civil War Period)

Sons of American Revolution

Spanish American War

Spanish American war

Spanish Fort

Spanish Influenza, 1918

Sports History in Huntsville

Sputnik 1957


Steele, George

Steger-Nance Home

Stout, Major Leonidas

Street, Gabby


  • Tracy Pratt, Volume 15, #1 & #2, 1985, Ryan, P.H., page 27

Studebaker Corporation

Stuhlinger, Ernst

Subject Index

  • Subject Index, Volume 28, #2, Summer-Fall 2001, Lee, J.W., Jones, J.R., Jr. & Luke, D.P., page 7

Sufferage in Alabama

Suffrage debate

Surveying and Mapping

Table of Contents


Taylor, John M.

  • John M. Taylor, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Mohler, S.T., page 33

Taylor, Mia

Technical Perspective, Part II

Technical Perspective

Temple B'nai Sholom

Tennessee River, Flames Along the

Tennessee Valley Authority

Tennessee Valley Historical Society

Tennessee valley

Territorial period: 1804-1817

Textile Industry

Textile Manufacturing

Thornwell, James Henley

Three Forks of Flint

Timeline, Civil Rights


Todd, Captain David H.


Townes, John Leigh

Tracy, Edward D., General

Tracy, Jeremiah F., Father

Trading Center

Turner, Benjamin Sterling


Union Man



Urban Renewal


Van Allen Belts

Venable's Hotel



Voting rights for women

Walker, James Williams

Walker, John Williams

War of 1812


Watercress, Dennis

Waterworks (Big Spring)


Watie, Stand

Watkins, John

  • John Watkins, Volume 32, #1, Winter-Spring 2007, Reeves, J.P., page 52

Weakley brothers

Webster, Rowena

Weeden, Howard

Weeden, J. D., Colonel

Western Madison County

What Might Have Been

Wheeler, Joseph, General

When Spirits Walk

White, James

Why is it named that?

Wiesman, W.


Williamson/Todd family

Women's club

Women's suffrage


World War I, Death at the Caesar Position

World War I, Draft and Mobilization

World War I, Prelude

World War II impact on Madison County

World War II

World War I

Year of the Dog

Yellow fever

von Braun Team Experiences

von Braun, Wernher

von Saurma, Ruth

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