A Special Note to Educators

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A Special Note to Educators

Are you looking for ways to provide your students with:

  • A greater understanding of Huntsville's rich history as it relates to the people, stories, buildings and periods of time in which they existed?
  • A quality educational experience that combines history, research and writing?
  • A creative way to contribute back to their community?

If so, consider having your students write articles for the History Huntsville Collection.

We can provide:

  • A no-cost web-based environment for your students to record their Huntsville-related history stories.
  • Information about how to write, edit, format, illustrate and link articles within that environment.
  • A public platform for your students to share their efforts with the community at large.

For more information, please Email Us at webmaster@HuntsvilleHistoryCollection.com.

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