Nancy Rohr

I don't know how else to say it -- My wife and I love Nancy Rohr!

She shares our passion for the history of Huntsville, and is one of the most interesting and energetic people we know. The depth of our appreciation for Nancy is best expressed in a letter we wrote to support her nomination for an Alabama Library Association Humanitarian Award.

Nancy is a prolific writer and lecturer who has authored three books and numerous articles on the history of Huntsville. She has also contributed a series of audio recordings which tell stories about life in early Huntsville, the residents of historic homes and local heroines of the Civil War. And she has honored the Huntsville History Collection by allowing us to initially publish two of her most recent articles on the Suffrage Movement in Alabama and The Early Militia and Muster Day in Madison County.

Click on the List button to the right to see the list of books and audio stories. Or click on [Show Notes & Links] above to read her articles that have been published in the Huntsville Historical Review, the Historic Huntsville Quarterly and the Huntsville History Collection.

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