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This feature is dedicated to Nancy Rohr who commented that all of us have shoeboxes with pictures of people or places that cannot be identified. She suggested we provide a place for the community to help with the identification process.

If you can answer the question associated with any of the pictures below, please click on Post Comment in the space immediately below the enlarged picture.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Do you know anything about this house?

From Nancy Rohr

This two-story house is/was located off Memorial Parkway South, possibly near Weatherly Road. When the picture was taken in September 1968, the house was part of a church complex. The bricks of this ante-bellum house were believed to be made by slaves.

Nancy Rohr wants to know more about the house, particularly where it was located and who built it.

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Kennon Ledbetter-131214.jpg

Do you know anything about the people in this picture?

From Kennon Ledbetter

The time period is around 1919. The lady to the left is Kathleen Paul, who later married Howard Jones, brother of the man to the left, Raymond Jones.

Can anyone tell Kennon the names of the 2 ladies and the man on the right?

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