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Historic Huntsville Quarterly 1978 to 2006

Provided by Linda Bayer Allen

Volume IV, 1978

January-March 1978 - IV:1, Henry Marks, Editor

Volume V, 1978-1979

Fall 1978 – V:1 Linda Bayer, Editor

I. Tax Reform Act of 1976
II. Standards for Rehabilitation
III. Alabama Ad Valorem Taxation
IV. National Register Properties in Madison County

Winter 1979 – V:2, Linda Bayer, Editor

I. Its Architecture and Preservation
II. Its Revitalization

Spring 1979 – V:3, Linda Bayer, Editor

Summer 1979 – V:4, Linda Bayer, Editor

Volume VI, 1979-1980

Fall 1979 – VI:1, Linda Bayer, Editor

Winter 1980 – VI:2, Linda Bayer, Editor

Spring 1980 – VI:3, Linda Bayer, Editor

Summer 1980 – VI:4, Linda Bayer, Editor

Volume VII, 1980-1981

Fall 1980 – VII:1, Linda Bayer, Editor

Winter 1981 – VII:2, Linda Bayer, Editor

The Historical Background
The New Listings

Spring 1981 – VII:3, Linda Bayer, Editor
The Memphis & Charleston Railroad in Alabama, 1850-1898

Summer 1981 – VII:4, Linda Bayer, Editor

Volume VIII, 1981-1982

Fall 1981 – VIII:1, Linda Bayer, Editor
The Maria Howard Weeden House (300 Gates Avenue)

Winter 1982 – VIII:2, Linda Bayer, Editor

Spring 1982 – VIII:3, Linda Bayer, Editor
Constitution Hall Park

Summer 1982 – VIII:4, Linda Bayer, Editor

Volume IX, 1982-1983

Fall/Winter 1982/83 – IX:1&2, Linda Bayer, Editor
Roadside Architecture

Spring/Summer 1983 – IX:3&4, Linda Bayer, Editor

The McCartney-Bone-Wilbourn House

Volumes X & XI, 1983-1985

Fall/Winter 1983/84 – X:1&2, Micky Maroney, Editor

Spring/Summer/Fall 1984 – X:3&4 and XI:1, Micky Maroney, Editor

Winter/Spring 1985 – XI:2&3, Micky Maroney, Editor

Summer 1985 – XI:4, Micky Maroney, Editor

Volume XII, 1985-1986

Fall/Winter 1985/86 – XII:1&2, Micky Maroney, Editor

Spring/Summer 1986 – XII:3&4, Micky Maroney, Editor

Volumes XIII & XIV, 1986-1988

Fall 1986 – XIII:1, Micky Maroney, Editor
Huntsville and Madison County Chamber of Commerce – 1919

Winter 1987 – XIII:2, Micky Maroney, Editor

Spring 1987 – XIII:3, Micky Maroney, Editor

Summer/Fall 1987 – XIII:4 & XIV:1, Micky Maroney, Editor

A Tourist’s-Eye-View of Huntsville: Picture Postcards, Early 1900’s to Mid 1950’s

Winter/Spring 1988 – XIV:2&3, Micky Maroney, Editor

Summer 1988 – XIV:4, Micky Maroney, Editor

Volume XV, 1988-1989

Fall/Winter 1988-89 – XV:1&2 Micky Maroney, Editor

Spring 1989 – XV:3, Micky Maroney, Editor

Summer 1989 – XV:4, Micky Maroney, Editor

Volume XVI, 1990

Winter/Spring 1990 – XVI:1&2, Elise Stephens, Editor

Summer/Fall 1990 – XVI:3&4, Elise Stephens, Editor
Gardens & Porches

Volume XVII, 1991

Winter/Spring 1991 – XVII:1&2, Elise Stephens, Editor
World War II 50th Anniversary Issue

Summer/Fall 1991 – XVII:3&4, Elise Stephens, Editor
Huntsville on the Move

Volume XVIII, 1992-1993

Spring/Summer 1992 – XVIII:1&2, Elise Stephens, Editor

Fall/Winter 1992-93 – XVIII:3&4, Elise Stephens, Editor
True Tales of Old Madison County [reprint]
Virgil Carrington (Pat) Jones

Volume XIX, 1993

Spring/Summer 1993 – XIV(XIX):1&2, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
HAL Presents Huntsville

History Day Contributions:

Fall/Winter 1993 – XIX:3&4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
In Search of Bridges of Madison County

Volume XX, 1994

Spring 1994 – XX:1, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Burritt Museum and Park: A Preservation Legacy

Summer 1994 – XX:2, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
A Preservation Sampler

Fall 1994 – XX:3, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Celebrating Preservation Triumphs

Winter 1994 – XX:4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Index Issue

Volume XXI, 1995

Spring 1995 – XXI:1, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Restoring Our Railroad History

Summer 1995 – XXI:2, Carol Kamback, Guest Editor
The Community as Classroom

Fall 1995 – XXI:3, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Stained Glass Windows & Doors to Nowhere

Winter 1995 – XXI:4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Preservation for All Times and All Seasons

Volume XXII, 1996

Spring 1996 – XXII:1, Minneola Dixon, Guest Editor
Oakwood College, Architecture of the Spirit

Summer 1996 – XXII:2, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Home is Where the Hearth Is

Fall 1996 – XXII:3, Elise H. Stephens, Editor

Winter 1996 – XXII:4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Index Issue

Volume XXIII, 1997

Spring 1997 – XXIII:1, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
The Freeman House, Hawthorne Conservatory, Central Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama

Summer 1997 – XXIII:2, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Out and About in North Alabama

Fall 1997 – XXIII:3, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Harrison Brothers, Celebrating 100 Years on the Square

Winter 1997 – XXIII:4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Preservation for the Common Good: Land, Art, Memories and a New Foundation Home Next Door to Harrison Brothers On the Square

Volume XXIV, 1998

Spring 1998 – XXIV:1, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Restoration and RemembranceThe Huntsville Pilgrimage

Summer 1998 – XXIV:2, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Log Houses: Building Blocks in Madison County

Fall 1998 – XXIV:3, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Saving Historically or Architecturally Significant Sites and Structures: What Qualifies?

Winter 1998 – XXIV:4, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Around the Courthouse Square, 1900 to 1955

Volume XXV, 1999

Spring/Summer 1999 – XXV:1&2, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Harvie P. Jones, FAIA, Retrospective

Fall/Winter 1999 – XXV:3&4, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Harvie P. Jones, FAIA, Retrospective II

Volume XXVI, 2000

Spring/Summer 2000 – XXVI:1&2, Margaret J. Vann, Editor

Fall 2000 – XXVI:3, Heather A. Cross, Editor
The Hundley Legacy: The Architectural and Urban Impact

Volume XXVII, 2001

Spring/Summer 2001 – XXVII:1&2, Heather A. Cross, Editor
The Five Points Historic District: A Community of Neighbors

Fall 2001 – XXVII:3, Heather A. Cross, Editor
Upon This Rock: A Foundation in Stone Construction

Winter 2001 – XXVII:4, Heather A. Cross, Editor
The Rosenwald Plan: Architecture for Education

Rural Southern Education: History and Background
The Rosenwald Plan
The Architecture of Rosenwald Schools
Jeanes Schools
Rosenwald Schools in Madison County: Conyers, Councill, Farmer’s Capital, Graysom, Horton, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Lebanon, Silver Hill, Toney
Afterword: The Remains of a Dream
Special Acknowledgements

Volume XXVIII, 2002

Spring 2002 – XXVIII:1, Margaret J. Vann, Guest Editor
A Model Restoration: The 1887 Goldsmith-Donovan House

Summer/Fall 2002 – XXVIII:2&3, Maureen Drost, Guest Editor
Mr. O’Shaughnessy’s Dream House (2005 Kildare Ave)

Winter 2002 – XXVII [XXVIII]:4, Heather A. Cross, Editor
Adding to History: Preserving Newman Avenue

Volume 29, 2003

Spring/Summer 2003 – 29:1&2, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones & Patricia Ryan, Editors
Preservation Primer

Fall/Winter 2003 – 29:3&4, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones & Patricia Ryan, Editors
Preservation: Progress and Setbacks

Volume 30, 2004

Spring/Summer 2004 – 30:1&2, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones & Pat Ryan, Editors
The Lowe House Dependency (210 Williams Avenue)

Fall/Winter 2004 – 30:3&4, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones & Pat Ryan, Editors
The Russel Erskine Hotel

Volume 31, 2005

Spring/Summer 2005 – 31:1&2, Linda Allen, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones, Patricia Ryan, Editors
Cotton Hill [Limestone County]

Fall/Winter 2005 – 31:3&4, Linda Allen, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones, Patricia Ryan, Editors
Huntsville Daily Times Building

Volume 32, 2006

Spring/Summer 2006 – 32:1&2, Linda Allen, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones, Patricia Ryan, Editors
19th-Century Dependencies

Fall/Winter 2006 – 32:3&4, Linda Allen, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones, Patricia Ryan, Editors
A Tradition of Research and Preservation


(Spring 2008), Jeanne Steadman, Editor
Train Whistles and Front Porch Swings: Exploring Historic Madison

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