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Virginia W. Fail

 Active in Various Capacities in Huntsville Historical Foundation



•  Ginger married Henry Fail (Henry active in Kiwanis) - HHF

•  Ginger Fail served in various capacities in Historic Huntsville Foundation:

     Chairman for the Alabama's Constitution Village Follies (a type musical revue) entitled "Way Off Broadway." The proceeds were to be used to renovate the Humphrey-Rodgers house. (1993)
     Chairman for 1989-1991, Historic Huntsville Foundation & Board member, Board of Directors 1989-1992 - HHF

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•  HHF - Article written by Ginger Fail: Clarke-Dorning House, The Historic Huntsville Quarterly, Vol. XIX, #1-2, Spring-Summer, 1993, by Historic Huntsville Foundation, page 25.

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