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Silas Fuqua

 Landholder and Mechanic

Born:August 17, 1783, Bedford County Virginia
Died:October 26, 1830, Caldwell County, Texas
Buried:Fugua Cemetery, Caldwell County, Texas
Father of:Galba Fuqua


•  Son of Revolutionary soldier Joseph Fuqua and his wife, Celia Bondurant. -

•  This entry says Fabius was one year old when his father died. That does not line up with other data. He might have been one year old when his mother died (before the family moved to Texas). The interesting part of this entry has to do with speculation about what might have happened to Fabius when his father died in 1830. Fabius would have been about six. It looks like he returned to Alabama until reaching age of majority. - Fabius Fuqua

•  He married Sally Toney Young on May 26, 1814 in Mississippi Territory (now Madison County Alabama). Sally was born in Virginia on Sept. 18, 1797 and died in Alabama in 1825. - Find A Grave

•  In a 1948 Map, we find a Fuqua Spring. This might offer a clue about where Silas Fuqua lived. The coordinates are Section 15, Township 1 South, Range 2 East. - Record 2

•  "The first term of the Superior Court was held on October 1, 1810 in the Madison County Courthouse, under construction, but sufficiently completed for use. The first case before the new court was that of Jonathan Wall." Silas Fuqua was on that first jury panel. This places him in Madison County early in the 1800s. - Record

•  Father of: Galba Fuqua, b. March 09, 1819, Ala.164, d. March 06, 1836, Texas at the Alamo. - Find A Grave

•  Father of:
     Elizabeth Fuqua Delaney (1815 Madison County, AL - 1842 Texas)
     Harriet Fuqua Bridger (1817 Madison County, AL - 1834 Texas)
     Galba Fuqua (1819 Alabama - 1836 The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas)
     Caroline Fuqua 1821 Alabama - Alabama)
     Lucas Fuqua (1822 Alabama - 1848 Alabama)
     Fabius Fuqua (1824 Alabama - 1897 Caldwell County, Texas)
     Sabrina "Satira" Fuqua Ringer (1825 - ) -

•  A few sources list his year of death as 1834, rather than 1830. - Editor's note

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