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Sanford Franklin

 Mill Worker, Child Laborer

Born:August 5, 1901, Tennessee
Died:March 16, 1966, Memphis, Tennessee


•  Sanford was one of the child laborers (started work when he was ten) working at Merrimack Mill and photographed by Hine. - Leberman

•  Married Ella Grace Campbell (1902-2002), a cashier in 1925. - Leberman

•  Son of William and Ida Franklin - Leberman

•  In the 1920 census lists Sanford (then approx 17) as a doffler. "Doffing was hard work. It was a doffer's job to push a large wooden doffers box from row to row and collect finished spools. If the doffers were small, they would have to climb up the side of the looms to reach the top spools. Often they would not wear shoes because it made climbing easier. This was a typical job for boys in the textile mills." - Leberman

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Sanford Franklin and friends. Photo by Lewis Hine from (Hine).

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