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Rodney K. Ferguson

Photo from Lipman Hearne Website
 Won Huntsville's Rotary Scholarship For 1987-88 and Has Since Achieved Great Things


•  The Rotary Foundation Scholarship winner from Huntsville in 1987-88 was Rodney K. Ferguson. He majored in Moral Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland. - Easteriling

•  As a partner (two years) in the Brunswick Group he worked as a "leader of client teams for international companies and non-profit organizations, including Viacom, Microsoft, The Graduate Management Admissions Council, and Hilton Hotels." - Resume

•  Married to Maria Ferguson - Resume

•  Presbyterian - Resume

•  Grissom High School (1978-1982) -

•  "Ferguson's career spans the fields of journalism, education, and advocacy. A graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, Ferguson was a reporter in the Washington bureau of The Wall Street Journal and a business correspondent for The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer. He was involved in the startup of the Edison Project (now Edison Schools). His recent work has included clients in technology, education testing, and urban development." - Lipman Hearne

•  Rodney Feguson named President and CEO of Winrock International - Winrock

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• - Information a little confusing (timelines off)
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