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Richard Blanch Dean

Painting by Archibald M. Willard
 Revolutionary War Soldier

Born:April 1, 1759, North Carolina
Died:July 31, 1842, Franklin County, Alabama


•  Soldier for the American Revolutionary War: Private, South Carolina Continental Line - Patriot Database

•  Enrolled for Pension: "Private S. C. Continental Line; enrolled on January 24, 1833, under act of Congress of June 7, 1832, payment to date from March 4, 1831; annual allowance, $80; sums received to date of publication of list, $240.--Revolutionary Pension Roll, in Vol. xiv, Sen. Doc. 514, 23rd Cong., 1st sess., 1833-34. He resided in Madison county, June 1, 1840, aged 81.--Census of Pensioners, 1841, p. 148." - Pension Rolls

•  Son of Richard Dean (1744-1831) and Elizabeth Ferguson (1744- ) -

•  Married Sarah Sally Williams (1785-1850) March 2, 1804 Richmand, North Carolina -

•  Census records show him still living in Madison County in June of 1851. Census records for his daughter, Sarah Sally Dean Green show her living in Franklin County Alabama in 1850. Richard died in Franklin County in 1852. Richard might have gone to his daughter's home for his final days. -

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