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Rev. Percy Gordon

Rev. Percy Gordon's passport photograph (
 Episcopal Minister

Born:September 3, 1863, Georgia
Died:January 11, 1923, Savannah Georgia
Buried:Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia
Brother of:Beirne Gordon (b1856)
Son of:Colonel George Anderson Gordon (b1830)
Father of:George Anderson Gordon (b1885)
Brother of:George Steenbergen Gordon
Brother of:William Washington Gordon (b1860)


•  "Percy Gordon became the second member of the clergy to be sponsored by the Church of the Nativity. Young Gordon was presented for ordination by Banister and confirmed by Bishop Wilmer on May 27, 1888, just after the Alabama Diocesan Council held its Fifty-seventh Annual meeting in Huntsville. After serving as a missionary in North Alabama for a brief time, he transferred to the Diocese of Kentucky" - Roberts

•  Gordon Percy married Nannie R. French, Nov. 5, 1884, in Madison County, AL. Nannie was born in Aug. 1862 in New York. - MCRC

•  Percy's father and son are both named George A. Gordon. His mother was Ellen C. Beirne Gordon. -

•  The centerpiece of the collection is William Washington Gordon (1796-1842) who lived in Savannah Georgia. Colonel George Anderson Gordon (b1830), the son of William Washington Gordon (1796-1842), seems to be the initial link to Huntsville. The Huntsville Gordons seem to have continued at strong connection with the Savannah Gordon's through correspondences, business, living arrangements, even burials for several generations. Rev. Percy Gordon was a grandson of William Washington Gordon (1796-1842). - UNC

•  While only a small part of the collection is digitized, the abstracts are a fascinating read and include many references to the Huntsville Gordons. - UNC

•  REV. PERCY GORDON, Minister-in-Charge, St. James's Church.
~     "In our church (the Episcopal), we have no alternative; there must be singing, and a great deal of it. The church has found that choir boys and men sing our mode of worship best, and when properly trained add greatly to a hearty worship. The money so expended on the choir could not be used to better advantage in any other branch of church work. I like the chorister singing best in public worship. I do not think, certainly, in the Episcopal church, that the minister could do so well with simply congregational singing." - Cambridge Chronicle

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