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Myrna Copeland

From Red Eye

From Red Eye
 Pearly Gates Owner, Civil Rights Activist

Born:April 18, 1938
Died:Dec. 13, 2011, Huntsville, AL


•  "She was one of the few white women who marched from Selma to Montgomery with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and attended strategy sessions with him in his home in Atlanta." - You Tube

•  Myrna took Pearly Gates from a small cooperative to a successful natural food restaurant and store, using her immeasurable passions, skills, inclusiveness, humor, and wisdom. - You Tube

•  Mother of:

Deanna McGrew
Jim Copeland

•  Moved to Alabama from New York in 1958.

Caustic, Compassionate,
Flawlessly flawed,
Smart, Sassy,
Wicked, and Wild
Unrepentant Hippie
ACTIVIST is gone.
To warn the afterlife
That Myrna is coming and
They Better Have
Their Shit Together.
-Barry Ward - You Tube

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