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Michael J. Durant

Photo from Wikipedia
 American Pilot and Author

Born:July 23, 1961, Berlin, NH


•  Michael Durant was held prisoner for eleven days in 1993 after a raid in Mogadishu, Somalia. - Wikipedia

•  Married: 1.) Lorrie 2.) Lisa - Wikipedia

•  Father of Joey (son) and Taylor (daughter) - Wikipedia

•  Military Service from 1979-2001 with details including awards found in the Wikipedia bio. - Wikipedia

•  He is owner, president and CEO of Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. a service-disabled, veteran-owned engineering services company based in Huntsville, Alabama. - Wikipedia

•  "Durant offers talks about the Somalia raid and the experiences he had in captivity. He spoke extensively with actor Ron Eldard, who portrayed Durant in the movie 'Black Hawk Down,' which chronicles the events of the raid. In 2003, Durant published a book,' In the Company of Heroes,' in which he chronicles his military career and his captivity." - Wikipedia

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