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Julien Merle Fennell

Photo from Find A Grave (Myra)
Born:November 12, 1880
Died:November 9, 1884, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Grandson of:Francis Marion Fennell (1816)


•  Died when he was almost four years old. - Find A Grave

•  Inscription of the tomb stone reads: "His dying words were 'Mama please tell them to come down' and the beautiful angels of his vision descended and carried Julien to a brighter home." - Find A Grave

•  Son of Susie Hobbs (December 13, 1861 - August 9, 1944 in Birmingham, AL; daughter of IH Hobbs) and Charles Marian Fennell (March 7, 1855 - July 12, 1891) of Jackson, AL (They were married December 13, 1861 in Huntsville, AL.) After Charles died Susan Married F. M. Henderson - Family Tree Maker

•  Charles, Julien's father, is the son of Francis Marion Fennell (1816, Virginia - 1872) and Isabella Allison (born in Nashville, TN in 1815). Francis is the son of James C. Fennell - born Jan. 18, 1780 in Virginia and died Sept. 3, 1817 (listed here) and Elizabeth Hobbs (born about 1782 in Virginia). Francis is the brother of Isham Fennel (1784 listed here). -

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