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John S. Hendricks

 Founder, Chair & CEO of Discovery Networks

Born:March 29, 1952, Matewan, WV


•  Link to the Discovery Channel page of the Lowell Telescope Project

•  He moved to Huntsville when he was six years old (1952)

•  Graduate of Butler High School

•  Graduate of UAH (Freshman year in Tuscaloosa)

•  Father a home builder, mother a city clerk

•  "Well, when I was a senior, or the summer before my senior year in college, one of my professors, Frances Roberts was her name, she got me a little $700 stipend and it was from the Tennessee Valley Authority. It was a little project that I got fully into for those three months during the summer. I thought it was all the money in the world, too, and it gave me a chance to go to Washington to do research at the Library of Congress. My project was to research the old historic sites that were covered up by the damming of the Tennessee River, and unfortunately they just didn't do a good job back in the '30s and early '40s when they were damming up the Tennessee River so a lot of old Cherokee Indian towns and villages were covered up and my job was to go try to find original maps, original correspondence between the Secretary of War at the time, who was in the early days Henry Knox, who would correspond with Indian agents in the area, and lo and behold some of them at the end of their correspondence would actually chart out the river systems and the creek systems, which were more important, and then the locations of these Indian settlements. (Hendricks describing one of his early projects.) - CableCenter

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