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John Denty

 Land Holder, Farmer

Born:July 8, 1776, Fairfax County, VA
Died:July 20, 1848, Madison County, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL


•  Grandson of John Wybert Denty (born in England) and Selby Ramsey (of Scotland). - Heritage

•  Son of Jonathan Denty, a member of the Fairfax Militia in 1770 (signatories to the famous Virginia Non-Importation Association Broadside). But his father was "apparently far from prosperous, Jonathan was sued on numerous occasions for debt and trespass. On Tax Rolls later than 1802, he is shown without even the two horses or mules that he had previously owned, a lack he wrote of sadly in a letter written in 1808. Jonathan died in 1811." - Heritage

•  Son of Selby Ramsey Denty (1742-1811) - Heritage

•  "John migrated south (from Fairfax County, VA), settling in Oglethorpe County, GA about 1805. He did not remain in GA long, however, taking out a patent in what would become Madison County, AL in 1815, with a second patent in 1816. Both were in the northwest corner, close by the Tennessee and Limestone County lines. On 18 Sep 1818 he purchased the first of many parcels in the northeastern portion of Limestone, very close to his Madison lands. He was residing on this Limestone acreage in the 1820 Census, but had returned to Madison by the 1830, apparently in or very near Huntsville. John was undoubtedly a farmer; in a mortgage obtained by him in 1832, he offered as collateral: 1 wagon, 4 yoke of oxen, 12 head of cattle, 60 hogs, 13 sheep, and 1 sorrel mare. But he may also have been engaged in some trade, thus the need for 4 yoke of oxen. On Aug. 14, 1845, Susan Denty, his youngest daughter, purchased 2.18 acres on Triana Road. It was this property on which one or another member of the family lived until 1888. John died on July 20, 1848. His wife Susannah outlived him by ten years dying on Dec. 26, 1858." - Heritage

•  John and Susannah Denty had six children who lived to adulthood:

1. Elizabeth Denty, born c. 1801, died c. 1857 in Talladega County, AL, married Thomas Ward on 12 March 1817 in Madison
2. Thomas Jefferson Denty, born Sept. 17, 1802, Oct. 13, 1836 in Giles County, TN, married Elizabeth Abernathy Jan. 17, 1833
3. John Ramsey Denty, born Aug. 24, 1807 in Oglethorpe County, GA, died Sept. 1, 1836 in Marshall County, MS, married first Matilda C. Johnston on Sept. 1, 1836 in Limestone, married second Mary Ann Irvine on July 13, 1846, married third Mary Garth Sumner on Aug. 8, 1862.
4. Jonathan Milton Denty, born c. 1810 in GA, died Aug. 25, 1873 in Talladega County, AL, married Margaret Boyd.
5. William Harrison Denty, born c. 1812, died Dec. 18, 1867, married Mary Ann Dotherow on Dec. 27, 1837 in Lowndes County, MS
6. Susan Kent Denty, born Jan. 16, 1816, died Jan. 10, 1888. - Heritage

•  "Youngest child Susan apparently cared for her aging parents in the house on Triana Road, for she never married. After she died intestate, a complicated and lengthy probate ensued, with her heirs claiming that her last boarders had taken advantage of the elderly Susan. The arguments were ultimately heard before the Alabama Supreme Court, but her Denty nieces and nephews obtained their modest inheritances. Susan left an inheritance worth far more than money, however, for her Abernathy heirs in Tennessee asked for and received an old chest from her attic which contained family letters dating from 1808 to 1836. Recently published, they are still in the possession of the family." - Heritage

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